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Linux and vCards

Vcard is the industry standard RFC 2426 for managing contact information and can be imported by most mailers or PIM software. They are an existing and widely-used standard for personal user information storage, somewhat like a business card.

Conversion Tools

PHP vCard Creator

PHP vCard Creator is a PHP function for creating vCard files conforming to the vCard 3.0 specification.


Csv2vcard is a program for converting CSV (comma separated values, as exported by software such as MS Outlook) files containing contact information to the industry standard vcard format, which can be imported by most mailers and PIM software (optimized for Evolution). It's based on a Perl script by Michael MacDonald of Ximian. Csv2vcard can be used to convert any CSV format, not just the English Outlook output.

LDIF to VCARD conversion script

LDIF to VCARD conversion script converts an LDIF address book file, such as that exported from Netscape, to VCARD format for use with programs such as GnomeCard.


2vcard is a Perl script to convert an addressbook to the popular VCARD file format. Currently, it can convert mutt's alias as well as pine's addressbook format.

PHP vCard

PHP vCard generates vCards from any data. This is useful if you have a lot contact information stored in regular databases and want to make them available to end users as comfortable as possible. vCard files are supported by many PIMs.


ma2p [archived link] is a converter from Mozilla Address Book to Palm Pilot and Mobile Phone (vCard format).


Handy is a small console program to convert the output of Lotus Notes client version 5.x into a vCal Version 2.0 file and/or sends the appointments to a cellphone of type SIEMENS S45 and maybe S35 also.

Miscellaneous Applications


vCard generates VCF files for importing personal data into vCard-compatible programs.


vCard4J is a complete toolkit to manipulate vCards (RFC 2426) in Java. It contains a parser to read vCard files. It also includes a compiler to extend the library. vCard types are defined in a XML file, making it easy to add custom types. It also contains XSLTs to convert the internal DOM structure into vCards 3.0, xHTML, or other formats.

Apps for Mobile Phones


SCMxx allows you to exchange certain types of data with mobile phones made by Siemens. Some of the data that can be exchanged include logos, ring tones, vCalendars, phonebook entries, and SMS messages. It was created to work with an S35i but other models can be supported. SCMxx uses the AT command set published by Siemens to do its work.


SamBru (Samsung Backup and Restore Utility) is a Perl script that talks to a Samsung SCH-6100 or SCH-8500 cellular phone. You can use it to back up and restore the phone book. It can save the data in either raw/native format or as vCard data so GnomeCard can be used to view and edit the data.

E-Mail Clients

E-Mail clients like Evolution and others offer vCard import and export features.

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