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Linux History as a Sequel of Trademark Cases

I am the former owner of MobiliX, which is now TuxMobil. Because of a severe charge by Obelix the trademark MobiliX had to be withdrawn. During the case I became aware of other trademark issues in the "Open Source", the "Free Software" and commercial Linux world. Please note not all of the cases went to court and were solved in a friendly manner. Some happened even in the so-called "community".

projectmoved toopponentdatesource
Linux William R. Della Croce, jr.1996more
TheOS (The de Raadt, OpenBSD) THEOS Software Corporation1998more
Samba CMG2001more
Gnutella Nutella (Ferrero oHG)2001more
Killustrator Adobe2001more
MobiliXTuxMobilAsterix and Obelix2002more
Krayon Seidel Softwareservice2002more
Mozilla: PhoenixFireBirdPhoenix Technologies2002more
Mozilla: FireBirdFireFoxFirebird Project2003more
SkrobelixSkroblin GmbHAsterix and Obelix2003more
Linux GFvG2003more
LinuxGazette (NET) LinuxGazette (SSC)2003more
FreeCraft WarCraft II (Blizzard)2003more
XAMPP (Apache) N.N.2004more
eMule, eDonkey N.N.2004more
Mandrake Hearst Holdings2004more
Linux Australia Inc. Linux Australia Pty Ltd.2004more
Tux Tux LLC2004more

This survey is not yet representative (centered to German cases). There are probably other cases. Is this survey the tip of the iceberg? Some cases just don't become public, because of certain lawyer strategies. If there is a case missing above, please send me a note.

Werner Heuser <wehe_at_tuxmobil.org>

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