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I installed SuSE 7.0 from the DVD drive, without problems.


The BIOS can be reached by the MS-Windows GUI. You may also press <ESC> at boot time (immediately!), then <F1>.



I have used the framebuffer X server. With vga = 791 in /etc/lilo.conf it works in 1024x768 16 bpp mode. Note you have to start with the options -- -bpp 16 or set the default color depth to 16 in /etc/XF86Config. Also I didn't take certain modelines but used the key word "default" in the screen section. An external monitor SONY SDM-M51 worked out of the box.

S3 driver for the SAVAGE MX/IX chip (XFree86 SVGA) worked in version 4.0.2, I have used an update version of SuSE 7.0, and used sax2 to configure X.


Works with recent PCMCIA-CS packages.


No IrDA port available!

Mouse (Accupoint II)

Works in PS/2 mode. The scroll buttons are reported as wheel motion (Z axis motion) and can be accessed after mapping in XF86Config.


This application by Jonathan Buzzard(http://www.buzzard.me.uk/toshiba/index.html) couldn't be tested yet.

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