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SuSE Linux on the Toshiba Satellite 2800-100 Laptop


I installed SuSE 7.0 from the DVD drive, without problems.


The BIOS can be reached by the MS-Windows GUI. You may also press <ESC> at boot time (immediately!), then <F1>.



I have used the framebuffer X server. With vga = 791 in /etc/lilo.conf it works in 1024x768 16 bpp mode. Note you have to start with the options -- -bpp 16 or set the default color depth to 16 in /etc/XF86Config. Also I didn't take certain modelines but used the key word "default" in the screen section. An external monitor SONY SDM-M51 worked out of the box.

S3 driver for the SAVAGE MX/IX chip (XFree86 SVGA) worked in version 4.0.2, I have used an update version of SuSE 7.0, and used sax2 to configure X.


Works with recent PCMCIA-CS packages.


No IrDA port available!

Mouse (Accupoint II)

Works in PS/2 mode. The scroll buttons are reported as wheel motion (Z axis motion) and can be accessed after mapping in XF86Config.


This application by Jonathan Buzzard couldn't be tested yet.

Other Resources

Toshiba Support


  • Andreas Plesch 6lt;plesch_at_fas.harvard.edu>

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