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I am blind and have wanted to learn Linux, but I work full-time.

I installed ZipSpeak Linux (a modified version of ZipSlack) on my Toshiba Libretto 50CT. I accomplished this without any sighted help, because I know other operating systems. I use the SpeakUp(http://www.linux-speakup.org/) screen reader and the battery-operated Dectalk Express speech synthesizer. After I learn a little more Linux, I'll probably install it on my desktop with more serial ports so I can use a Braille display as well.

The Libretto is about the size of a video-cassette, so I can now carry Linux in my purse. I have been working on learning to use my new system on my long, and boring commute on the bus.

Many blind people with a bit mor experience than I have install Linux "eyes-free" either by using another computer (that already talks or includes Braille) as a terminal. Or, they use SpeakUp because it's a set of kernel patches that gives audible feedback from bootup to shutdown. Boot disks that include SpeakUp are part of several major distributions.

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