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strip2zsafe converts Strip(http://www.identicentric.com/products/strip/index.html) account information from a Palm PDA to a ZSafe(http://z-soft.z-portal.info/zsafe/) compatible textfile, for use with the Zaurus and other Linux PDAs.

It is a quick hack and uses some code of stripdump(http://www.dribin.org/dave/software/perl-strip/). For the conversion of other Palm data (addresses, todo list and more) see p2z.


Perl 5 is required as are the following modules. All modules may be found on CPAN:

Using It

Copy the following files to the same directory where you placed the strip2zsafe.pl file:


No run ./strip2zsafe.pl and enter your Strip password. A file called passwords.zsf.txt will be created. Place this file in /home/root/Documents/text/plain/ on your Zaurus and select "Import text file" from the "File" menu within ZSafe.



Known Bugs

The special characters ; and " will possibly break your passwordfile - this is a bug of ZSafe. Simply delete those lines from passwords.zsf.txt and insert them manually in ZSafe.


Yes please! Send ideas, bugreports and patches to <Andreas Gohr> or visit SplitBrainOrg(http://www.splitbrain.org).

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