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strip2zsafe - a STRIP to ZSafe Conversion Tool

strip2zsafe converts Strip account information from a Palm PDA to a ZSafe compatible textfile, for use with the Zaurus and other Linux PDAs.

It is a quick hack and uses some code of stripdump. For the conversion of other Palm data (addresses, todo list and more) see p2z.


Perl 5 is required as are the following modules. All modules may be found on CPAN:

  • Palm::Zetetic::Strip, v1.00+
  • p5-Palm (Palm::PDB), required to read and parse the PDB files. Version 1.00 or greater of Palm::Zetetic::Strip is required.
  • Crypt::IDEA
  • Digest::MD5, only required to decrypt Strip v0.5i databases. If you have no need to decrypt v0.5i databases, you need not install these modules.
  • Crypt::Rijndael
  • Digest::SHA256, only required to decrypt Strip v1.0 databases. If you have no need to decrypt v1.0 databases, you need not install these modules.

Using It

Copy the following files to the same directory where you placed the strip2zsafe.pl file:


No run ./strip2zsafe.pl and enter your Strip password. A file called passwords.zsf.txt will be created. Place this file in /home/root/Documents/text/plain/ on your Zaurus and select "Import text file" from the "File" menu within ZSafe.



Known Bugs

The special characters ; and " will possibly break your passwordfile - this is a bug of ZSafe. Simply delete those lines from passwords.zsf.txt and insert them manually in ZSafe.


Yes please! Send ideas, bugreports and patches to <Andreas Gohr> or visit SplitBrainOrg.

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