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Flash / Smart Card Readers

This survey will be merged with the PCMCIA card survey soon.

Survey (sorted by manufacturer)

Model Card
Linux Status(x86)/Driver (Module) 1) Output of 'cardctl ident' Contributor/ Source
Com1 - ComOne(http://www.com1.fr/)
MobiFlash Card flash card *Should* be compatible with Linux by using a "PCMCIA / Compact Flash" adapter. Not tested yet. Com1 White Papers(http://www.com1-support.com/wpapers/index.html)
EPSON 750Z flashcard "I recently bought an EPSON 750Z digital camera. It uses FlashCards to save the pictures. It was no problem to mount the FlashCard under LINUX. All you need is the adapter to make a PCMCIA card out of the FlashCard (The adapter costs approx. $12 US), a directory /flash and the following entry in /etc/fstab:"
/dev/hda1 /flash msdos defaults
Tilo Sloboda [archived link]
GPR400/GemPC400 smart card reader GEMPLUS(http://www.gemplus.fr/products/), Linux driver(http://www.innovationsw.com/~jaiger/downloads/smartcard.html) by Joe Phillips (Innovation Software Group, LLC).   own research
Smart Card Security Kit smart card detected as PCMCIA card Gemplus GPR400 aka. GemPC400, see GEMPLUS(http://www.gemplus.fr/products/), Linux driver(http://www.innovationsw.com/~jaiger/downloads/smartcard.html) by Joe Phillips (Innovation Software Group, LLC).
product info: "GEMPLUS", "GPR400", "V1.1"
manfid: 0x0157, 0x3004
function: 0 (multifunction)
own research
Picture Card media card unknown, fits into a PCMCIA slot own research
SmartCard smart card "behaves like an IDE drive" Sven Geggus(http://wsd.iitb.fhg.de/)
CardMan 4040 smartcard reader (PCMCIA)   FSFE(https://www.fsfe.org/fellows/greve/freedom_bits/fellowship_crypto_card_the_cool_way)



There are adapters available to put them into PCMCIA slots (app. $12 US, for instance a RealVision or Sandisk(http://www.sandisk.com) smartmedia PCMCIA adapter) You may use them by mounting with this line in /etc/fstab:

/dev/hde1       /pics   vfat    user,exec,dev,suid,noauto 1 1

"The Linux Memory Technology Device project resembles a unified subsystem for handling RAM and Flash cards (Memory Technology Devices). It is intended to be compatible with the Linux PCMCIA code, to prevent duplication of code and effort, yet its main target is small embedded systems, so it will be possible to compile the drivers into the kernel for use as a root filesystem, and a close eye will be kept on the memory footprint. Support for FTL exists, and someone is apparently working on the Microsoft Flash Filing System. It also supports direct access to the device via either a character or block device interface."

Laptops with SmartCard Readers

An example from the output of cardctl ident for a ACER TravelMate 351TEV:

product info: "O2Micro", "SmartCardBus Reader", "V1.0"
manfid: 0xffff, 0x0001

Linux installation reports for laptops with in-built SmartCard-Readers:

ACER TravelMate 351TEV(http://www.piak.de/linux/laptop/)Debian Woody 
ACER TravelMate 351TEV [archived link]RedHat 6.2 
ACER TravelMate 352TEV(http://santini.dsi.unimi.it/laptop/acer.php)RedHat 7.0 
ACER TravelMate 361EVi(http://www.naos.co.nz/hardware/laptop/acer-361evi/)Debian 3.0 Woody 
ACER TravelMate 660(https://www.fsfe.org/fellows/greve/freedom_bits/fellowship_crypto_card_the_cool_way)  NEW  Linux 
ACER TravelMate 6003LCi(http://cweiske.de/misc_documents.htm#linux_travelmate)Gentoo 
DELL Latitude D820(http://www.ailis.de/~k/docs/delld820/)Ubuntu Dapper Drake 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-8110(http://www.joachim-reichel.de/misc/e8110/)  NEW  Debian 4.0 Etch 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-8210(http://jmaurer.awardspace.info/e8210.html)  NEW  Linux 
HP/COMPAQ NC6400(http://bb.cactii.net/archives/000174.php)KUbuntu Edgy 
HP/COMPAQ NC6400(http://blog.aplpi.com/index.php/2006/09/18/debian-gnulinux-on-a-hp-nc6400/)Debian 
HP/COMPAQ NC8430(http://www.hermit.org/Linux/HPCompaq-nc8430Ubu.html)Novell/SuSE 10.1, Ubuntu 6.06 
HP/COMPAQ NW8440(http://www.linuxwiki.de/CompaqNw8440)Fedora Core 5 
HP/COMPAQ NX9420(http://gentoo-wiki.com/HARDWARE_Gentoo_on_HP_Compaq_nx9420)Gentoo 
HP/COMPAQ NX9420(http://de.gentoo-wiki.com/Hardware_HP_Compaq_nx9420)GentooGerman
Siemens Scenic Mobile 800AGP [archived link]Novell/SuSE 6.4 





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