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Linux Laptop & Notebook Installation Guides: Samsung

Linux installation and configuration guides for laptops and notebooks made by Samsung . Compatibility reports about running other Unix systems e.g. BSD, Solaris are welcome, too. And don't miss the resource section at the bottom, containing links to applications, tools, utilities, drivers, community portals, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written an installation tutorial yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

UEFI and Linux: Danger for Samsung-Notebooks (in German):
"Some Samsung notebooks can be bricked by just one time booting Linux distribution via UEFI ..."
See also: Samsung-UEFI-Bug: protection now integrated into Linux-Kernel (in German).

Samsung 300v5a-s19 Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04Russian
Samsung GT 8000 DebianGerman
Samsung M40 725 XWM Debian 3.0 Woody 
Samsung M50 Ubuntu Dapper Drake 
Samsung M70 Bemus [PRINT]LinuxGerman
Samsung NC10 Ubuntu 8.10Italian
Samsung NC10 @nyNet NetBook Fedora 9, 10 
Samsung NC10 Ubuntu NetBook Remix, Debian Lenny 
Samsung NC10 Ecko plus NetBook Debian Squeeze 
Samsung NC20 Ubuntu 9.04, Novell/SuSE 11.1German
Samsung NC20  NEW  Novell/SuSE 11.3, Ubuntu 9.04, 10.04, 10.10German
Samsung P10 LinuxGerman
Samsung P10 Linux 
Samsung P28 Ubuntu, GentooRussian
Samsung P28 1600 XTMDebian Sarge 
Samsung P30 NetBSDRussian
Samsung P30 1500 XVM Novell/SuSE 9.1, 9.2 
Samsung P30 1500 XVM Debian 
Samsung P30 1500 XVM Gentoo 
Samsung P35  [archived link] GentooGerman
Samsung P35 GentooGerman
Samsung P35 GentooGerman
Samsung P35 1500 XVM Novell/SuSE 9.1, 9.2 
Samsung P35 1500 XVM Novell/SuSE 9.3, 10.1German
Samsung P35 1600 XVM II Novell/SuSE 9.1, 9.2 
Samsung P35 1600 XVM II/III Gentoo 
Samsung P35 1800 XVM Debian 
Samsung P35 1800 XVM DebianGerman
Samsung P40 1600 XVMNovell/SuSE 9.3 
Samsung P55-Pro Sevesh Debian 5.0 Lenny 
Samsung P500 Ubuntu 
Samsung Q1 (Origami, UMPC) Ubuntu 6.06 
Samsung Q1 Ultra Gentoo 
Samsung Q1 (Origami, UMPC) Ubuntu 7.04Italian
Samsung Q10  [archived link] RedHat 7.3 
Samsung Q10 TXC Debian 3.0 Woody 
Samsung Q20 1100 TXCDebian 
Samsung Q20  [archived link] RedHat 
Samsung Q25 1300 TXCDebian 
Samsung Q30 "Jamie" (aka DELL Latitude X1)Gentoo 
Samsung Q35 Fedora Core 5 
Samsung Q35  [archived link] KUbuntu 6.06.1 Dapper Drake 
Samsung Q35  [archived link] KUbuntu 6.06.1 Dapper DrakeGerman
Samsung Q35 Fedora Core 5 
Samsung Q35 Gentoo 
Samsung Q35 ARCHlinux German
Samsung Q35 UbuntuGerman
Samsung Q35 Debian 
Samsung Q35-Pro Bitasa Ubuntu 6.10German
Samsung Q35-T5500 Ruby Debian 4.0, KUbuntu 7.04 
Samsung Q45 Debian 5.0 LennyGerman
Samsung Q45 Debian 
Samsung Q45  NEW  Novell/SuSE 11.0 
Samsung Q45 A003 Ubuntu 7.10 
Samsung Q45 Aura T7100 Duke Debian Lenny, KUbuntu Gutsy Gibbon 
Samsung Q45 Aura Ubuntu 7.10German
Samsung Q45-T7100 Duke KUbuntu Feisty 
Samsung Q45 T8100 ARCHlinux  
Samsung Q45 Aura T8300 Dardon gmrl 1.1German
Samsung Q70 Novell/SuSE 10.3, Ubuntu 7.10German
Samsung Q320  NEW   ARCHlinux  
Samsung R40 Ubuntu 6.10 
Samsung R40 Chasubi UbuntuGerman
Samsung R41 Collin KUbuntu 7.10German
Samsung R50 1730 WVM II KanotixGerman
Samsung R50 1730 WVM II Kanotix 
Samsung R50 1730 WVM II Ubuntu 
Samsung R50 ZenWalk Linux 4.0German
Samsung R50 KUbuntu 
Samsung R50 Debian Lenny 
Samsung R55 Ubuntu 6.10 
Samsung R55 Debian 
Samsung R60 Plus  [archived link] GentooGerman
Samsung R65 Charis KUbuntu Dapper 
Samsung R65 Charis Novell/SuSE 10.1, KUbuntu 6.10, Debian Etch 
Samsung R780 Hero KUbuntuGerman
Samsung SENS 800 RedHat 5.1, 5.2 
Samsung SENS 810 Linux 
Samsung SENS 830  [archived link] RedHat 9.0 
Samsung V20 CXVC Mandriva (Mandrake) 9.0 
Samsung V20 2400 XVC Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger 
Samsung VM 7000 Debian 2.2, 3.0 
Samsung VM 7600 XT Novell/SuSE 7.2 Debian 2.2r2, 3.0 
Samsung VM 8100 Mandriva (Mandrake) 9.2 
Samsung VM 8100 XTC Novell/SuSE 7.2 - 8.2 
Samsung X05 WhiteBox Linux EL, Novell/SuSE 10.1 
Samsung X05 GentooFrench
Samsung X05 1400 XTC FreeBSD 
Samsung X05 1400 XTC Gentoo 
Samsung X05 1400 XTC Gentoo 
Samsung X05 1400 XTC Fedora Core 1, Ubuntu Breezy 
Samsung X05 JUMP  [archived link] DebianKorean
Samsung X10 1300 XTC Debian 
Samsung X10 1300 XTC  [archived link] Debian, KnoppixGerman
Samsung X10 1300 XTC Debian 
Samsung X10 1300 XTC DebianGerman
Samsung X10 1400 XTC  [archived link] Novell/SuSE 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 10.0German
Samsung X10 1400 XTC  [archived link] Novell/SuSE 9.2, 9.3, 10.0 
Samsung X10 1400 XTC Slackware 
Samsung X10 1400 XTC Gentoo 
Samsung X10 1400 XTC Fedora Core 4 
Samsung X10 1500 XTC Novell/SuSE 9.2German
Samsung X10 1500 XTC III  [archived link] Novell/SuSE 9.0German
Samsung X10 1500 XTC III Debian, Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake 
Samsung X10plus 1500 XTCDebian 
Samsung X10plus (NX10)  [archived link] Gentoo 
Samsung X11 T2300 Carl Gentoo 
Samsung X11 T5500 CeSeba Gentoo 
Samsung X15 735 XVM Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.1 
Samsung X15plus  [archived link] Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.1 
Samsung X20 Novell/SuSE 9.3 
Samsung X20 Sidux 
Samsung X20 1600 XVM  [archived link] DebianGerman
Samsung X20 1600 XVM II  [archived link] Debian EdgeGerman
Samsung X20 1600 XVM III  [archived link] DebianGerman
Samsung X20 1600 XVM III  [archived link] UbuntuGerman
Samsung X20 1600 XVM III  [archived link] Ubuntu 
Samsung X20 1600 XVM V Gentoo 
Samsung X20 XVM1600 V KUbuntuGerman
Samsung X20 XVM 1730 Linux 
Samsung X20 1600 XVM V Debian 
Samsung X20 1730 XVM IIDebian 
Samsung X20 1730 XVM V Debian 
Samsung X20 1730 XVM V Novell/SuSE 10.0 
Samsung X20 1730 XVM V DebianGerman
Samsung X20 1860 Linux 
Samsung X20 V  [archived link] Gentoo 2005.0 
Samsung X25 1600 XVMNovell/SuSE 9.2, 9.3 
Samsung X30 Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.1 
Samsung X30 1500 WVC Gentoo 
Samsung X30 1600 WVM ARCHlinux  
Samsung X30 1700 WVC Gentoo 
Samsung X50 2130 WVM Debian Etch 
Samsung X50 2130 WVM [PRINT]LinuxGerman
Samsung X50 WMV 2130 Novell/SuSE 10.0German
Samsung X60 Becudo Novell/SuSE 10.1 
Samsung X60-Pro T7200 [PRINT]Novell/SuSE 10.2German
Samsung X360 Linux 
Samsung X360 Ubuntu 8.10 
Samsung Series 5 Ultra NP530U3C Debian 

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Applications and Drivers

  • Synaptics touchpad driver for Linux
  • FingerPrint Reader (proposed driver) : UPEK, provider of popular fingerprint sensors to IBM's T42 notebooks and others, has announced that they will be providing a BioAPI compliant library to perform biometric authentication under GNU/Linux.
  • sdricoh_cs aims to provide a Linux kernel driver for some Ricoh SecureDigital Cardreaders that announce themselves as RICOH Bay1Controller pcmcia cards. The reader may be found in notebooks from the Samsung P35, the Dell X300 and Asus M6N series.
  • Easy slow down manager provides Linux users with functionality similar to "Samsung Easy Speed Up Manager". It also allows to turn WiFi on and off.
  • This HOWTO explains Linux hotkey support on Samsung laptops.


Original Equipment Manufacturer - OEM

If you are looking for drivers, software and service manuals for laptops and notebooks you may sometimes find similar models branded under a different name. Especially the FCC-ID can be helpful to detect the original manufacturer.

Other Mobile Computers from Samsung

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