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You want to purchase a laptop, notebook, PDA, handheld PC or mobile (cell) phone with Linux (or another Unix) preloaded? Here is an international survey of vendors dedicated to your operating system of choice, which offer preinstalled Linux laptops, notebooks, mobile (cell) phones and PDAs for sale, as well as accessories which are compatible to Linux. Find, compare, and buy your mobile geek toy at these retail shops specialized in pre-equipped Linux:

Vendor Founded Region Laptops Accessories PDAs Accessories Mobile
Amida(http://www.amidasimputer.com/)   India     X    
ASL, Inc.(http://www.aslab.com/products/laptops/laptops.html) 1995 U.S. X        
Brando(http://digital.brando.com.hk/)   Hongkong     X    
Buntfu(http://buntfu.com/)   U.S. X        
Chase & Company(http://www.chaseandcompany.net/)   U.S.     X    
Conceptronic(http://conceptronic.net/)   Netherlands   X   X  
Conics(http://conics.net/) 2001 Australia, Japan, U.S.     X X  
Cosmos Engineering Company(http://cosmoseng.com/) 1996 U.S. X        
Dynamism(http://www.dynamism.com/)   U.S.     X    
EfficientPC(http://efficientpc.co.uk/) 2007 UK X        
EmperorLinux(http://www.emperorlinux.com/) 1999 U.S. X X      
Eracks(http://eracks.com/) 1999 U.S. X   X    
ERREX Systemes(http://www.errex.net/) 1995 France X X      
ETH Zuerich - Neptun(http://www.neptun.ethz.ch/hardware/modelsPC)   Switzerland X        
eXpansys(http://www.expansys.com/) 1998 UK, U.S.         X
eZaurus(http://www.ezaurus.com/)   Japan     X    
FAET(http://www.faet.de/)   Germany X        
GamePC(http://www.gamepc.com/index.asp) 1985 U.S. X        
geekstuff4you(http://geekstuff4you.com/)   Europe, Japan     X    
GP2X Shop UK(http://gp2x.co.uk/)   UK     X    
GP2X Shop DE(http://www.gp2x.de/)   Germany     X    
Groovix(http://groovix.com/) 2004 U.S. X        
Handy-Discount(http://www.handy-discount.de/motorola/motorola_v8.htm)   Germany         X
Ibermachines Sistemas Linux(http://www.ibermachines.com)   Spain X        
J & S Computers(http://www.jandscomputerconsulting.com/laptops.html)   U.S. X        
Kernel Concepts(http://www.kernelconcepts.de/)   Germany   X X X  
Kogan(http://www.kogan.com.au/)   Australia X        
KovoKs Automatiseringspartner(http://www.kovoks.nl/) 1997 The Netherlands X X      
Kurns & Patrick(http://www.kurnspatrick.com/)   Japan, U.S.     X    
LindenGrove(http://www.lindengrove.net/)   UK X        
Linux Certified Inc.(http://www.linuxcertified.com/linux_laptops.html) 2000 U.S. X        
Linux Emporium(http://www.linuxemporium.co.uk/products/laptops/)   UK X X      
Linux Kauppa(http://www.linuxkauppa.fi/)   Finland X X      
LinuxLand(http://linuxland.de/)   Germany X        
Linux Service(http://www.linux-service.be)   Belgium X        
Loginix Technologies(http://www.loginix.it/) 2007 Italy         X
Los Alamos Computers - LAC(http://www.laclinux.com/) 2000 U.S. X        
LX-Computer(http://linux-schlepptops.de)   DE X        
Media Coms(http://www.mediacoms.de/)   Germany X        
Mingos(http://www.mingos.nl) 2006 The Netherlands X        
MyLinuxShop(http://www.mylinuxshop.de/) 2006 Germany X X      
New Thinking(http://webshop.newthinking.de/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=534)   Germany X        
NextCom LLC.(http://www.nextcomputing.com/)   U.S. X        
Nokia Shop(http://www.nseries.com/products/n800/index.html#l=products,n800)   U.S.     X    
NoteBooks For Students - NoFoSt(http://www.nofost.de/)   Germany X        
OpenMoko(http://openmoko.com/)   U.S.         X
Panthera Systems(http://panthera-systems.net)   CH X        
PC-Box(http://www.pcbox.es/)   Spain X        
PC Connection(http://www.pcconnection.com/) 2005 U.S. X        
PC-Coste(http://www.pccoste.es/)   Spain X        
PCsForEveryOne(http://www.pcsforeveryone.com/) 1999 U.S. (MA) X        
PowerNoteBooks(http://www.powernotebooks.com/) 1999 U.S. X        
PowerPlayDevices (Empower)(http://powerplaydevices.com/) 2003 U.S.     X    
Puget Custom Computers(http://www.pugetsystems.com/) 2000 U.S. X        
Quatech(http://www.quatech.com/)   U.S.   X   X  
R cubed Technologies(http://www.shoprcubed.com/) 2003 U.S. X        
Remora Technologies(http://www.remora.com.au/) 2003 Australia X        
SaruTek(http://sarutek.com/EN_pda.html) 2004 Japan     X    
SDG Systems(http://sdgsystems.com/)   U.S.     X    
Seher-IT(http://www.seher-it.at/)   Austria X        
Serialio(http://www.serialio.com/) 1996 U.S.       X  
SkyBlue(http://www.skyblue.de/)   Germany S        
StoreAnyWhere(http://www.storeanywhere.com/)   U.S. X        
sub500(http://sub500.com/)   U.S., Canada X        
SW Technology - SWT(http://www.swt.com/) 1995 U.S. X        
System 76(http://www.system76.com/)   U.S. X        
Tablet Kiosk - Sand Dune Ventures, Inc.(http://www.tabletkiosk.com/)   U.S. X        
TadPole(http://www.tadpolecomputer.com/)   U.S. S S      
Tekmote(http://www.tekmote.nl/)   NL X        
TerraSoft(http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/) 1999 U.S. X        
The Handheld Linux Shop(http://www.handheld-linux.com/) 2004 Germany     X X  
The Linux Laptop Company(http://www.thelinuxlaptop.com/)   U.S. X        
TheLinuxStore(http://www.thelinuxstore.ca/)   Canada X        
TriSoft OHG(http://trisoft.de/) 1993 Germany     X X  
TuxBrain S.L.(http://www.tuxbrain.com/)   Spain, Europe X X X X X
TuxHardWare(http://www.tuxhardware.de/) 2003 Germany X X      
UPI(http://www.upi.es/)   Spain X        
Vesat(http://www.vesat.de/)   Germany, U.S.         X
VG Computing(http://vgcomputing.com.au/) 2002 Australia X        
Wireless Cables, Inc. (AirCable)(http://aircable.net/) 2003 U.S.       X  
XBook(http://www.xbook-computer.com/)   France X        
Xigma Style Japan Co., Ltd.(http://xigma.jp/en/)   Japan       X  
Xephi(http://www.xephi.co.uk/)   UK X        
Xtops.DE(http://xtops.de/) 1999 Europe X X X X  
ZaReason, Inc.(http://www.zareason.com/shop/home.php)   U.S. X        

"S" in the laptops column indicates devices available with SPARC CPU and Solaris OS or HP/UX.

Companies marked bold are TuxMobil sponsors in 2005.

TuxMobil is not responsible for the reliability of the above mentioned companies. Please check them out yourself. In the U.S. you may do a research at the Better Business Bureau - BBB(http://www.bbb.org/).

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