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Hardware Survey


AFAIK only the HP DeskJet 340Cbi and the BJC-80 machine have an infrared port (Pentax PocketJet has an IrDA option). Pay attention to the supplied voltage of the power supply if you plan to travel abroad. There are some laptop-printer combinations in tailored suitcases around. I didn't include them yet. Also I couldn't check the scan functionalities with Linux yet.

Sources: LapShop(http://www.lapshop.de), CT 25/1999(http://www.heise.de/ct/) and others.

Scanner and OCR Software


There are different ways to connect a printer or scanner to a laptop. For printers usually: parallel port, serial port, USB and IrDA port (AFAIK network interfaces are not available for mobile printers). For scanners usually: parallel port, SCSI (via PCMCIA or generic SCSI port), USB and PCMCIA port. All of them need the according kernel drivers.

PDA Printer

Comming soon.

PDA Scanner

Genius GS-4500 handheld scanner driver 2.4c

This is a device driver(http://www.willamowius.de/) for the Genius handheld scanners GS4500 and GS-4500A. It also works with theHighscreen Greyscan 256 scanner. Two simple scanning applications are included.



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