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Press Releases

  • November 24, 2008: TuxMobil Surpasses 8,000 Linux Installation Guides Available

    TuxMobil, the largest current web directory of Linux and mobile hardware, announced this month that it has surpassed the unrivaled milestone of 8,000 different installation guides in one place to help users install Linux on their laptop and notebook computers. ....


  • December 12, 2007: TuxMobil Now Offers 7,000 Linux Guides for the Laptop

    The TuxMobil project covers all aspects concerning Linux on laptops and notebooks. The number of free guides and how-to's has more than doubled in less than three years, and more than 7,000 links to Linux laptop and notebook installation and configuration guides are now listed at TuxMobil. ....


  • March 6, 2007: TuxMobil Celebrates 10th Anniversary as Resource for Linux, Laptops, PDAs and Mobile Phones

    (TuxMobil) March 6, 2007 -- This month, TuxMobil celebrates its 10th anniversary. TuxMobil is the number one online resource providing information about Linux for laptops, PDAs, cellular phones and portable media players. In short, TuxMobil is all about Linux and portable devices. The name TuxMobil is a abridgement of the words Tux and "mobil." Tux is the well known name of the Linux mascot and "mobil" is a shortcut for mobile. ....



Here is some copy about the founder of TuxMobil. Also pictures and contact data.

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