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Portable (Digital) Music or Video Players & Linux

Need information about Linux and mobile (digital) media players? Want to connect your Linux computer to your favorite portable audio/music player (MP3, Ogg Vorbis) or video player (MPEG)? Check out the documentation below, ordered by manufacturer.

*) dedicated Linux players

Related Topics

Linux PDAs

Very cool for playing MP3 music and MPEG video files are Linux PDAs. There are even more supported formats. e.g. the SHARP Zaurus , a very flexible PDA series which runs Linux, can play Ogg Vorbis files with a variety of software, including plug-ins for the default media player, xmms, ogg123, mplayer, and theKompany.com's tkcPlayer.

Storage Cards

For Linux information about storage card readers and adapters see here.

Ogg Vorbis

A list of hardware , from Portable Audio Players, to PDAs, to mobile (cell) phones to DVD players, that can play Ogg Vorbis files. See also Lecteurs portables Ogg/Vorbis (in French).


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