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Notebooks with integrated CD-RW

There are many laptops pre-equipped with DVD/CD-RW Combo drives now. Usually they work fine with Linux. See the CD-Writer HOWTO(http://www.guug.de/~winni/linux/).

Mobile CD-RWs

According to the German magazine CT 7/2000 p. 154(http://www.heise.de/ct/) (and other sources from the WWW) the following mobile CD writers are available:

For Linux I would recommend a SCSI device (with PCMCIA SCSI adapter, see PCMCIA-CS before buying one), but I couldn't check this devices by myself. So I can't give any guarantee.

Portable DVD Writers

Christian Worm <cworm_at_gmx.net> reported: "I have used a Toshiba SD-R5002 IDE DVD-Burner with an external FireWire case (featuring an Oxford 911 chip).

CD Drives

There are more than these mobile (external) models out, but I haven't had time to check this yet. If you have further information please let me know. See CDROM-HOWTO(http://www.tldp.org) by Jeff Tranter for Linux details.


See SUPPORTED.CARDS(http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/ftp/SUPPORTED.CARDS) and the MobiliX PCMCIA Survey for more CD drives and further information.

Parallel Port

From the CDROM-HOWTO: "There are external storage devices, including CD-ROM drives, that attach to the parallel port of personal computers. In many cases the devices internally use an IDE interface in conjunction with an adaptor which interfaces the internal IDE bus to the PC parallel port. Linux has a parallel port IDE driver which supports most parallel port devices. At the time of writing it supported devices from the following vendors (as well as most no-name and clone drives compatible with these): ATEN, Avatar, DataStor, Fidelity International Technology, Freecom, Hewlett-Packard, Imation, KT Technology, KingByte Information Corp., Maxell, MicroSolutions, OnSpec, Shuttle Technology, SyQuest, and ValuStore. Additional information can be found here(http://www.torque.net/parport/) ."


You may connect these devices either by a SCSI PCMCIA card or an built-in SCSI port (e.g. HP OmniBook 800). All CD drives should work, but I could verify this for the Apple/Macintosh external CD drive only.

USB Port

No information yet :(

DVD Drives

Selfmade Devices

Put a Linux capable SCSI CD writer into a small SCSI box. This is a little heavy but kind of mobile anyway.


Please read also the CD-Writer HOWTO(http://www.guug.de/~winni/linux/) by Winfried Trümper and the CD-R FAQ(http://www.fadden.com/cdrfaq/) . " As most CD-writers can be used to read CD-ROMs, too, you may want to read the Linux CDROM-HOWTO(http://www.tldp.org), the Linux SCSI HOWTO and the Linux Kernel HOWTO."

From the CD-Writer HOWTO(http://www.guug.de/~winni/linux/): "You can safely assume that most newer IDE/ATAPI- and SCSI-writers work under Linux. Newer drives are mostly MMC-compliant and therefore supported. If the SCSI-version of a particular writer works, the IDE/ATAPI-version will most likely work and vice versa. However, some people want to get a warm and fuzzy feeling by reading the exact model of their writer in some sort of compatibilty list. That is the reason why I didn't throw the following list out of the HOWTO: ..."

"The detailed list of models which have been reported to work or not to work under various Unix-like operating systems is available online(http://www.guug.de:8080/cgi-bin/winni/lsc.pl) ."


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