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Portable Audio & Video Player Linux Compatibility: iRiver

Compatibility guides about Linux and portable digital audio/music players manufactured by iRiver . Reports about running other Unix systems e.g. BSD, Solaris are welcome, too. And don't miss the general resource section at the bottom, containing links to utilities (mostly available under GPL), community efforts, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written an installation or compatibility tutorial yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

iRiver E100  NEW  Linux 
iRiver H10Gentoo 
iRiver H10Ubuntu 5.10 
iRiver HD120DMandriva (Mandrake) 2006 
iRiver H340Linux 
iRiver T10  NEW  LinuxGerman
iRiver iFP-190TCGentoo 
iRiver iFP-390TLinux 
iRiver iFP-790Linux 
iRiver iFP-790Linux 
iRiver iFP-899DebianGerman
iRiver iHP [archived link]Linux 
iRiver iHP-120Linux 
iRiver iHP-140 [archived link]Linux 
iRiver PMP-120 *Linux 
iRiver PMP-120 *Linux 
iRiver iAudio6  NEW  Linux 
iRiver X20  NEW  DebianGerman

*) dedicated Linux players

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iFish is a database generator for iRiver's harddisk media jukeboxes from the H series (former iHP series), such as iHP-1xx, H1xx and H3xx. These players can display their music files sorted by artist, album or genre based on information in the tags of each music file. To do this, a database of all music files must be generated on a computer (the player cannot do this). This Java program generates this database. iRiver also supplies software to do this, but it only works on MS Windows. iFish runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

iRiver iFP

iRiver iFP driver is an open-source driver for iRiver's great iFP flash portable player.


ifp-line-libifp is a command line tool to access iRiver iFP audio players.

Playlistgenerator for iRiver T10

The Playlistgenerator for iRiver T10 (and maybe others), written in Python generates playlists for iRiver T10 (with UMS firmware). Maybe works also with other MP3-Players from iRiver (not tested).

iRiver IHP Toolkit

ihptool is a utility for the iRiver IHP series (now H series) portable audio jukebox.


iRipDB allows you to generate the DB files necessary for the iRiver iHP-1xx series of MP3/Ogg HD Player on Linux. This will allow you to navigate your files through the artist/album/genre menus. It currently supports adding MP3 and Ogg files. It is a simple, small, and fast command line program, so it can be used with scripts that are automatically called when unmounting the player's filesystem. It uses id3lib and libogg/vorbis.


libiriverdb is a library for iRiver jukeboxes, specifically the H300 and H100 series Hard Disk-based models, that require a database of the audio metadata to be created on the device before allowing it to be used for selecting tracks to play.


EasyH10 is an open source project for the development of a software suite for iRiver H10 digital audio players. It creates the database layout for an H10 player, without the need for iRiver Plus or Windows Media Player 10, based on music and playlist files transferred manually (e.g., drag-and-drop operation, copy command, rsync utility, etc). EasyH10 is compatible with iriver H10 5GB, 6GB, and 20GB models shipped worldwide as well as various platforms such as Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux, MacOS X, and other POSIX-like operating systems.

iRiver Tools Guide

The iRiver Tools Guide describes various tools provided by RockBox for encoding, decryption, firmware handling and more.


Rockbox is an Open Source replacement firmware for mp3 players. It runs on a number of different models:

  • Archos: Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio
  • iRiver: H100 and H300 series
  • Apple: iPod 4th gen (grayscale and color), 5th gen (Video), Nano and Mini 1st/2nd gen
  • iAudio: X5 (including X5V and X5L)
  • Additional models are in development

RockBox Themes Collection


gphoto2 supports the iRiver T10/T20/T30 players.


ifpgui is a Linux GUI for the iRiver iFP flash portable player. This app is similar to the iRiver Manager for Windows. iFP-GUI supports upload, download, delete, rename, device status (like battery status, etc.), tuner, and playlist uploads.


h300goodies consists of a handful of Perl and shell scripts that were written to help manage a user's music collection on an iRiver H320 or H340 digital jukebox. These scripts don't run on the player natively, but are used when the player is mounted on a local file system via a USB connector. The scripts will build M3U playlists that you define, scan your collection and build playlists based on the genre in the MP3/Ogg file ID3 tags, scan your collection for long filenames that cause problems with iRiver's database software, randomize an existing M3U playlist, and so on.

iRivNavi - a fast database manager for the iRiver iHP-1xx

The iRivNavi creates the iRivNavi.iDB database file required for tag-based information on iRiver's iHP-1xx series, a mobile hard-disk based mp3/ogg player. It should run on any Unix/Linux OS. It is optimized for speed especially if you only have a USB1 connection by incrementally adding files and thereby minimizing the amount of data that needs to be transfered.


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