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Portable Audio & Video Player Linux Compatibility: Apple

Compatibility guides about Linux and portable digital audio/music players manufactured by Apple Computer Inc. iPod: Mini, Nano, Shuffle, Video. Reports about running other Unix systems e.g. BSD, Solaris are welcome, too. And don't miss the general resource section at the bottom, containing links to utilities (mostly available under GPL), community efforts, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written an installation or compatibility tutorial yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

Apple iPodDebian 3.0 
Apple iPodGentooFrench
Apple iPodGentoo 
Apple iPodFedora Core 3, 4 
Apple iPodLinux 
Apple iPodLinux 
Apple iPodLinux 
Apple iPod [archived link]Linux 
Apple iPodFreeBSD 
Apple iPod [archived link]Linux 
Apple iPodLinux 
Apple iPodGentoo 
Apple iPodGentoo 
Apple iPodLinux 
Apple iPoducLinux 
Apple iPodLinuxGerman
Apple iPodLinuxGerman
Apple iPodRockBox 
Apple iPodYellowDogLinux 
Apple iPod  NEW  DebianItalian
Apple iPod miniDebian 
Apple iPod miniDebianFrench
Apple iPod miniMandriva (Mandrake) 10.1French
Apple iPod miniNovell/SuSE 9.0, YellowDogLinux 3.0.1 
Apple iPod miniLinux 
Apple iPod nanoNovell/SuSE 10.0 x64 
Apple iPod nanoiPod Linux 
Apple iPod nanoUbuntuFrench
Apple iPod nanoLinux 
Apple iPod nano  NEW  Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.1 
Apple iPod nano  NEW  Mandriva (Mandrake) 2006 
Apple iPod nano  NEW  Linux 
Apple iPod ShuffleGentoo 
Apple iPod ShuffleLinuxGerman
Apple iPod ShuffleLinuxPortuguese
Apple iPod Shuffle [archived link]GentooGerman
Apple iPod Shuffle  NEW  Linux 
Apple iPod 4th GenerationLinux 
Apple iPod Video 5th GenerationLinux 
Apple iPod Video 5th Generation  NEW  Novell/SuSE 10.0 
Apple iPod Video 5th Generation [archived link]  NEW  Linux 
Apple iPod Video 5th Generation  NEW  Linux 

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podLoader allows you to load content from the Web or other desktop files onto your iPod. Later, for example while traveling, you can check out news from any RSS feed, the weather, or the contents of any file from your desktop. It uses the "Notes" feature on third-generation or later touch wheel iPods.

Ipod MovieMaker

Ipod movie maker is a dialog window bash script that allows you to merge *.txt subtitles with movie files and save the result in AVI format. You may convert many kinds of video to .mp4, which is an iPod Video compatible format. You will be only questioned about the location of a source movie, subtitles, encoding (default is WINDOWS-1250), font location (default is /home/$USER/.mplayer/font/subfont.ttf), and where to save the resulting .mp4 file. You can have each work done separately, or have whole process done at once, from hardcoding subtitles to encoding to iPod format.

Simple iPod Video Encoder

Simple iPod Video Converter (SIVE) is a GTK 2 frontend to mplayer, mencoder, and mp4creator. With it, you can convert your movies to play them on your iPod very easily.

thin liquid film

thin liquid film (TLF) is an application that allows Linux users to quickly and easily convert video files into a format suitable for playing on the video capable iPods. It uses the ffmpeg engine and allows batch processing of any number of files, displays detailed information about source video files, saves default settings for future sessions, has configurable output quality settings, and displays a progress bar. Encoded files can be uploaded directly to your iPod.


pypod is Python library and script for managing iPod metadata. It is similar in scope the gnupod and is designed to work well with other programs that generate iPod metadata.


PodSync [archived link] is a tool for synchronizing kabc (~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf) and kaddressbook (~/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/std.ics) files of a user with an iPod. The GUI is very simple, with just a three-step wizard.


myPod is a platform-independent program to manage your MP3 collection, create playlists, and synchronize them with an iPod.


Whale is a GNOME 2 application which provides a simple interface for creating playlists and storing songs on your Apple iPod.


ipodlinux is a Linux port for the Apple iPod based on ucLinux.


gtkpod is a platform-independent GUI for Apple's iPod, using GTK2. It supports playlists (simply drag your songs), ID3 tag editing, multiple character sets for ID3 tags, duplicate song detection, offline modification of the database with later synchronization, comfortable sorting options for easier browsing of your songs, and more.


libgpod is a shared library to access the contents of an iPod. This library is based on code used in the gtkpod project. libgpod supports playlists, smart playlists, playcounts, ratings and podcasts. Support for cover art and photos is currently being tested.


gnuPod is a collection of tools which allow you to use your iPod under Linux and other UNIX- like operating systems. HFS+ and FAT32 formatted iPods are supported.


SyncPOD syncs a local directory with your iPod. If the directory is larger than the space on your iPod, you can sync this larger directory with a master playlist.


xtunes is a comprehensive digital music system. It supports ripping CDs, burning CDs, playing digital music (MP3 and Ogg Vorbis), and organizing digital music in a library with playlists. xtunes now supports the Apple Computer Inc. iPod(tm). Simply drag songs or playlists onto the iPod(tm) icon and they are automatically transferred to the iPod(tm).


The GNOME based iTunes clone, Rhythmbox offers support for the Apple iPod .


freemymusic is a simple program that allows you to download individual MP3 files from your iPod.


tunes2html.pl is a Perl script that reads the data from an iPod's iTunesDB file and generates an HTML file and a text file, each containing an organized list of the songs and playlists on the iPod. tunes2html.pl is based on tunes2pod.pl from GNUpod by Adrian Ulrich.


inewsd fetches full text news stories from Reuters.com via their RSS interface and then places them in iPod-friendly text files in a directory you choose (normally $IPOD_MNT_PATH/Notes/News). It can either do a one-shot mode or run in daemon mode. In both modes, the program will wait until the target path exists before proceding. In daemon mode, it will wait (by default) 10 minutes in between updates, then flush the news directory and re-fetch the articles. It should be usable with any of Reuters' RSS feeds, and wouldn't be overly difficult to port to other news sites.


PodsBlitz copies songs from an iPod to a computer, thus addressing a shortcoming of the iTunes/iPod combo. It is intended to be easy to use, requiring no installation other than copying the single JAR file to the iPod and double-clicking it. Did you ever want to copy songs from your iPod, but all you could find were MP3 files with cryptic names ? PodsBlitz gives you access to your music. Just download the file to your iPod and double-click it to start, that's all.


GUIPod is a KDE/Qt based graphical front-end for managing songs and playlists on an Apple iPod(TM). It uses the tools from the gnupod project.

iPod-Linux Installer Project

The goal of the iPod-Linux Installer Project is to create an easy to use GUI program that enables Mac OS X user with iPods to install linux on HFS+ formatted iPods while still allowing users to keep and use the Apple Supplied OS.

Video Player

Video player, video HOWTOs, conversion methods and sample videos.


jShuffle is a Java application which allows you to use your iPod Shuffle under GNU/Linux and many other operating systems. It features per song volume settings, start and stop time, and play count. This software will read and write the iTunesDB data stored on the iPod. It also supports the iTunesSD and iTunesShuffle data which are only in the Shuffle version of iPod.


rubyPod is a graphical frontend for managing a iPod on Linux, relying on gnupod tool collection as its backend.


YamiPod is an application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation. It also has extra features such as lyrics support (with Web search), RSS news and podcast support, removal of duplicates, an easy note editor (with multi-page support), song synchronization, playlist export, and much more.


OpenPhotoPod is a gallery managment tool for the iPod Photo which enables you to add, edit, and view the photos on your iPod.


PodFetch utilizes the iPod's ability to store and display short text files to allow you to view RSS feeds, weather forecasts, movie showtimes, and other text documents on your iPod when you are away from your computer.


iPodRaze is a program that lets users copy songs from their iPods back to their own computers. The core of iPodRaze is a free iTunes-iPod database parser which was written to be portable, easy to use, and object-oriented.

iPod Slave

iPod Slave is a KDE ioslave that enables KIO aware applications (like most KDE applications) to access the music stored on an Apple iPod. It creates a virtual directory structure where songs can be copied into or moved around to manage albums or create playlists.


LibQtPod provides access to the contents of an Apple iPod. The code was formerly part of the kio ipodslave, but is now a separate Qt-based library. The library features reading and writing of the iTunesDB music database and provides access to hardware specific information like disc space statistics.


rePear is a tool that generates and manages the internal database of Apple iPod MP3 players. The special thing is that the user may manage his files himself, just like with any other MP3 player. rePear then makes these files playable. With rePear, you can copy music to the iPod with Explorer, Finder, Konqueror, Nautilus or any other file manager you like (yes, cp will work, too ;) and have it played back by the iPod with (almost) no hassles. The only thing you have to do is start this litte program just after plugging the iPod into your USB port and before unplugging it.

iPod shuffle Database Builder

This little program enables iPod shuffle users to finally get rid of all that iTunes or other complicated playlist management stuff. Due to the simple structure of the shuffle (compared to the "big" iPods), it is possible to use the player almost like any other USB flash MP3 player: You simply copy MP3 files onto it. You only need to run the Database Builder program after you added or removed files from the iPod.


PodMail brings together telephony and podcasting by integrating with Asterisk to provide a secure podcast of your voicemail. Each time you dock your iPod, your new voicemails will be synced, allonwing you to listen to your voicemail at your convenience and without using a cell phone. If configured for public access, you can update your podcast simply by making a phone call.


libipoddevice is a device-specific layer for the Apple iPod (http://www.apple.com/ipod). libipoddevice provides iPod-specific HAL event notification to applications, and along with objects representing an iPod, which gives the application access to properties and features of an iPod. libipoddevice also provides a debugging program, ipod to view iPod device properties, listen for iPod HAL events, and safely eject iPods (iPods must be unmounted, then ejected).


Dopi is a tool for updating songs on Apple iPod devices. It is similar to gtkpod.


CastPodder is a media aggregator that automatically downloads podcasts to your computer or portable device, leaving you 'one click away' from the latest media feeds. It is based on the iPodder idea of Adam Curry. PyBMP is needed.


GPixPod is an application for uploading and organizing photos and photo albums on recent Apple iPod models.


FUSEPod is a virtual userspace filesystem which mounts your iPod into a directory for easy browsing of the songs it contains. It can discover where your iPod is mounted, supports read-only operation, and has a configurable directory layout.


libipod is a lightweight library written in C for the management of the Apple iPod. It includes wrappers for C++ and Python, as well as a number of example programs. libipod is the basis for the iPod support in Lsongs, a GPL music manager/player for Linux published by Linspire, Inc.


Neutrino , formally GnomeDAP, is a GNOME based application for managing your Creative Nomad / D.A.P Jukeboxes. Support for talking to the hardware is provided by utilising libnjb, which as Creative will not give out the relevant information, is a reverse engineered user space driver for Linux and *BSD.

gPodder Media Aggregator

gPodder is a Podcast receiver/catcher written in Python, using GTK. It manages podcast feeds for you and automatically downloads all podcasts from as many feeds as you like. gPodder can copy podcasts to your iPod automatically, so you can take your podcasts anywhere you like.


iPodHurd is an open source venture into porting GNU Hurd onto the iPod.


Podtool is a Python-based utility for managing tracks between a local music repository and an iPod. In particular, it implements correct playcount and ratings synchronisation, which is important when using smart playlists. If you've used iTunes and selective smart playlist synchronisation, then you know what this does.


Podsyncr allows you to sync photos and sets on Flickr to an iPod. It currently only works with the 2nd generation iPod Nano. It downloads the photos and stores them into an iPod photo database.


fysh is a small perl script to fill an iPod shuffle with music. It chooses, encodes, transfers, and registers the music into the iPod automatically. Its name fysh stands for "Fill Your SHuffle".

iTunes Playlist Export

iTunes Export exports playlists defined in your iTunes Music Library to standard .m3u, .wpl (Windows Media), or .zpl (Zune) playlists. iTunes Export is open source and freely available for use. iTunes Export provides a simple command line application that can be used to generate playlists, a Graphical UI that provides a wizard interface to exporting playlists, or a DLL that can be used by other developers to add the ability to read iTunes Music Library XML files to other applications.

Yellow Dog Linux Installs Neatly on an iPod

Yellow Dog Linux Installs Neatly on an iPod "Forget bootable USB pendrives and use an iPod to boot Linux on a Mac..."


Rockbox is an Open Source replacement firmware for mp3 players. It runs on a number of different models:

  • Archos: Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio
  • iRiver: H100 and H300 series
  • Apple: iPod 4th gen (grayscale and color), 5th gen (Video), Nano and Mini 1st/2nd gen
  • iAudio: X5 (including X5V and X5L)
  • Additional models are in development

RockBox Themes Collection


iPodIcons change the icons on my iPod with a nice GUI.


iPodEdit is a command line program for editing resources in the iPod firmware.


iPodFS allows you to mount the iTunes DB from your iPod and use it like other USB-connected music players, which interface with the computer like a hard drive. This lets you access the files on the iPod from the command line and play them with your favourite MP3 player.


runshark is an application to display Nike+ data from an iPod.


AudioBookBinder is a simple command line utility that converts a collection of audio files to m4b format (iTunes/iPod audiobook format).


This guide explains how to convert an AudioBook to make it ready for the iPod without iTunes (in German.

"The iPhone and iPod Touch haven taken the mobile market by storm. Apple's AppStore is full of interesting applications that take advantage of the two devices's capabilities. But what's in there for Linux users? Sadly, GTKPod and Amarok can not yet transfer files on an iPhone with the 2.x firmware upgrade, but there are other interesting ways your iPhone can interact with your Linux desktop and even servers."


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Guy Hart-Davis: How to Do Everything with Your iPod & iPod mini, Second Edition, 2004 Part I: Enjoy Audio with Your iPod and iTunes 1: Understand the Different iPods-and Choose the Right One 2: Get Up and Running with Your iPod or iPod mini 3: Bring Yourself Up to Speed with AAC, MP3, and Digital Audio 4: Load Music onto Your iPod or iPod mini Using a Mac 5: Load Music onto Your iPod or iPod mini Using MS-Windows
Part II: Create and Buy Music Files, and Burn CDs and DVDs 6: Create, Edit, and Tag Your Audio Files 7: Buy Music from the iTunes Music Store 8: Download Audio Files from the Internet 9: Burn CDs and DVDs from iTunes
Part III: Put Your Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Other Text on Your iPod or iPod mini 10: Put Your Contacts on Your iPod or iPod mini 11: Put Your Calendars on Your iPod or iPod mini 12: Create Notes and Put Other Information on Your iPod or iPod mini
Part IV: iPod Care: Advanced Topics and Troubleshooting 13: Keep Your iPod or iPod mini in Good Working Shape 14: Use Your iPod or iPod mini As a Hard Drive 15: Enhance Your iPod or iPod mini with Accessories 16: Master Advanced iPod Skills 17: Troubleshoot iPod and iTunes Problems

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