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Linux Mobile (Cellular) Phone Survey: SonyEricsson

Linux compatibility, synchronization and configuration guides for mobile (cellular) phones made by SonyEricsson . The general resource section at the bottom, contains links to helpful Linux utilities (mostly available under GPL), community efforts, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written a documentation yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

SonyEricsson GC75 GPRS PC Card ModemSlackware 9.1 
SonyEricsson I888Linux 
SonyEricsson K300i  NEW  Mandriva (Mandrake) 
SonyEricsson K500iFedora Core 5 
SonyEricsson K550iLinux 
SonyEricsson K600i  NEW  Debian 
SonyEricsson K610iDebian 
SonyEricsson K700Gentoo 
SonyEricsson K700iDebian 
SonyEricsson K700iGentoo 
SonyEricsson K700iLinux 
SonyEricsson K700iFreeBSD 
SonyEricsson K700iARCHlinux 
SonyEricsson K700iNovell/SuSE 9.2, Fedora Core 3German
SonyEricsson K700iUbuntu 6.06, 6.10German
SonyEricsson K700iDebian 
SonyEricsson K700iLinux 
SonyEricsson K700i  NEW  Ubuntu 
SonyEricsson K750iDebian 
SonyEricsson K750iLinux 
SonyEricsson K750iLinux 
SonyEricsson K750iFedora 8 
SonyEricsson K750i  NEW  Debian 
SonyEricsson K800iDebian Etch 
SonyEricsson K800iUbuntu 
SonyEricsson K800iUbuntu 
SonyEricsson K800i  NEW  Ubuntu 
SonyEricsson K800i  NEW  Ubuntu 7.04German
SonyEricsson M600iDebian Etch 
SonyEricsson P800Linux 
SonyEricsson P800Debian 
SonyEricsson P800Linux 
SonyEricsson P800Linux 
SonyEricsson P800 [archived link]LinuxItalian
SonyEricsson P900Linux 
SonyEricsson P900 [archived link]Debian 3.1 
SonyEricsson P900Novell/SuSE 9.0 
SonyEricsson P900Debian 
SonyEricsson P900Slackware 9.1 
SonyEricsson P900Debian 
SonyEricsson P900Fedora Core 4 64bit 
SonyEricsson P900Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger 
SonyEricsson P910iUbuntuGerman
SonyEricsson P910i  NEW  LinuxGerman
SonyEricsson P990iUbuntu 
SonyEricsson R320S [archived link]Debian 
SonyEricsson R520mLinux 
SonyEricsson R520mLinuxEstonian
SonyEricsson R600Linux 
SonyEricsson SH888Novell/SuSE 6.3 
SonyEricsson T39FreeBSD 
SonyEricsson T39m [archived link]RedHat 7.3 
SonyEricsson T39mLinux 
SonyEricsson T39mLinux 
SonyEricsson T39mLinux 
SonyEricsson T39mOpenBSDLithuanian
SonyEricsson T65 (aka Z1010)FreeBSD 
SonyEricsson T68 [archived link]Linux 
SonyEricsson T68Linux 
SonyEricsson T68Linux 
SonyEricsson T68Linux 
SonyEricsson T68LinuxRussian
SonyEricsson T68i [archived link]Linux 
SonyEricsson T68i [archived link]Debian 
SonyEricsson T68iDebian 
SonyEricsson T68iLinux 
SonyEricsson T68iOpenZaurus 
SonyEricsson T68iLinux 
SonyEricsson T68iLinux 
SonyEricsson T230Linux 
SonyEricsson T300LinuxSpanish
SonyEricsson T300RedHat 8.0, Novell/SuSE 8.2 
SonyEricsson T310Linux 
SonyEricsson T310Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T610OpenZaurus 
SonyEricsson T610Debian 
SonyEricsson T610Linux 
SonyEricsson T610Slackware 9.1 
SonyEricsson T610Debian 
SonyEricsson T610Debian 
SonyEricsson T610Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T610Linux 
SonyEricsson T610Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T610Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T610Mandriva (Mandrake) 10.1 
SonyEricsson T610SlackwareItalian
SonyEricsson T610Linux 
SonyEricsson T610Novell/SuSE 9.2, Fedora Core 3German
SonyEricsson T610/T616Mac OSX 
SonyEricsson T630Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T630Debian 
SonyEricsson T630DebianItalian
SonyEricsson T616Linux 
SonyEricsson T616OpenZaurus 
SonyEricsson T616Linux 
SonyEricsson T616Ubuntu 
SonyEricsson T630Linux 
SonyEricsson T630 [archived link]Gentoo 
SonyEricsson T630Linux 
SonyEricsson T630Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 
SonyEricsson T630Fedora Core 3
SonyEricsson T637/T616sLinux 
SonyEricsson V600iLinux 
SonyEricsson V800 [archived link]Debian 
SonyEricsson W300iLinuxGerman
SonyEricsson W380iUbuntuFrench
SonyEricsson W600iUbuntu Breezy 
SonyEricsson W600iFedora Core 5 
SonyEricsson W800iNovell/SuSE 10.2 
SonyEricsson W810iFedora 7 
SonyEricsson W810iLinux 
SonyEricsson W810i  NEW  Ubuntu 
SonyEricsson Z520aFedora Core 4 
SonyEricsson Z520aFedora Core 4 
SonyEricsson Z600Linux 
SonyEricsson Z600UHU-Linux 1.1Hungarian

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GnuBox is a small software for your cell phone with which you can create a new Internet Connection (internet access point, connection profile, whatever you call it) on the phone. If you use this connection, the phone does not dial or connect to GPRS, but uses bluetooth (or the USB cradle) to connect to your PC. Thus you will be able to surf the web, download software/data/email/whatever you like without paying any fee to your operator.


The DisGUISE library provides an easy and object oriented access to the advanced features of the AT command interface available in Sony Ericsson cellphones. Instead of fiddling with AT commands and parsing the strings returned from the phone, DisGUISE enables you to use actual objects to control and monitor events on your phone. There are also classes available to create various GUI items on the mobile, which report back their results through event listeners, and allow the phone to act as an input and output device of your application.


RemoteJ is an application for adding Bluetooth remote control capability to Sony Ericsson's mobile phones such as the K750, W800, Z520, W600, W550, and W900 series. It offers an extendable, configurable interface system that uses XML configuration files. It can be used to control your music player, video player, or PC-TV using a menu appearing in your mobile phone's menu.


ToothMote is an application to control Linux computers using a BlueTooth-enabled cell phone. It provides a basis for communicating with a connected cell phone, and then uses a plugin architecture to easily expand the amount of functionality it provides.


Use your bluetooth enabled T610 (or compatible Sony Ericsson phones) as a remote for your Linux PC. bluemote [archived link] was inspired by bluexmms, but bluemote differs from bluexmms in several ways. Bluexmms is a XMMS "plugin" but bluemote is a complete remote control programm. You can virtually execute any command on your PC from your phone. If you use the built-in scripting commands, you can even manage a micro shell (sh) on your phone, complete with login password.


MultiSync is a free modular program to synchronize calendars, addressbooks and other PIM data between programs on your computer and other computers, mobile devices, PDAs or cell phones. MultiSync works on any Gnome platform, such as Linux. It supports IrMC Mobile Client synchronization (supported by e.g. SonyEricsson T39/T68i, Siemens S45i/S55 phones etc.) via Bluetooth or IrDA on Linux or cable connection.

GPE MultiSync Plugin

The GPE MultiSync Plugin [archived link] is used to syncronize GPE PIM data with other devices and software. It currently supports syncing tasks (ToDo/gpe-todo), events (Calendar/gpe-calendar) and contacts (Contacts/gpe-contacts). Apart from GPE, Multisync provides syncronisation against Ximian Evolution, devices that use SyncML (over TCP/IP), Palm PDAs, Opie based PDA software and IrMc ddevices. Additionally it is possible to create backups using multisync.


Vadim Shliakhov has made a Linux Infrared Remote Control - LIRC patch for Ericsson mobile phones to use them as remote controls. The patch is located here.


Leif is a KDE tool for the SonyEricsson T68/T68i mobile phone. It supports phonebook editing, SMS management, and file uploading.

My Ericsson

My Ericsson is an administration tool for the Ericsson T39m mobile phone.


bluexmms allows remote control of XMMS using a bluetooth-enabled Ericsson mobile phone, assuming you also have a bluetooth-capable laptop/computer.


tsemgr is a GTK application to manage the T68 mobile phone.


btcid connects to a SonyEricsson Bluetooth telephone and displays its status on the screen using xosd. It can also execute external programs on incoming calls.


VNC client written in JAVA for the Ericsson P800 (in German).

PuTTY for Symbian OS - SSH Client

PuTTY is a free SSH client developed by Simon Tatham and others. This page contains a port to the Symbian OS, with support for Series 60, and Nokia Communicators. All Series 60 phones (including Nokia 3650, 6600, 6630, and N-Gage) and Symbian OS based communicators (9210, 9210i, 9290, 9300, 9500) are supported. A separate UIQ version is also available.

VNC Client

VNC client written in JAVA for the Ericsson P800


Cobex is a small implementation of the OBEX communication protocol for slow serial cables. It's primary use is to communicate with cell phones such as the Sony Ericsson T310 and T300.


GeoToad is a geocaching query tool to help speed up the boring part of geocaching: choosing the cache and collecting the data. It allows you to generate any kind of complex query you want, and the program will go and poll the Geocaching query, grab the data, and output it to any format you want. The Geocache info can be synced straight to your GPS, iPod, PDA, or cell phone in over 20 different formats.

SyncML Server in PHP

The SyncML server in PHP is based (right now) on a MySQL backend, but could easily use other kinds of SQL servers, LDAP servers or even flat files. SyncML is an XML based protocol family, aimed at providing remote synchronisation of mobile devices. It's built-in more and more mobile devices, such as mobile phones or PDAs.

BlueTooth Caller ID

btcid is a program that connects to a Bluethooth-telephone and displays status on screen using libxosd. btcid was developed with a Ericsson T68 using the bluez bluetooth-stack.

HOWTOs: Mobile Phone as Remote Control

Documentation, photos and a source code snapshot for using an Ericsson Mobile Phone (T68i with integrated Bluetooth => interworks with the iPAQ 3870) as input device (it has both a "joystick" usable as mouse as well as its keys) is available here [archived link]. The software can also be used via a serial cable and with other (at least Ericsson) phones. You may use this approach to remote control your mouse, XMMS or mplayer with the mobile phone. See also another approach by Lyola which uses BlueTooth as well as infrared. The K750i has a nice builtin feature: It allows you to use your phone as a Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) with your computer. In other words, you can remote control your computer and applications with your phone, be it a presentation in which you can switch the slides with your phone, or your favourite media player software. A few drafts for remote control profiles are already supplied with the phone, but you can define your own.

T28 Library

T28 library [archived link] is a simple library that allows interraction with a Ericsson T28 phone (and probably works with other models as well) Main functions include loading and saving the phonebook, setting the language, setting audio mode selection, getting battery properties (level, temperature, etc), getting signal level, sending keys to mobile device, and setting the date/time from computer clock. This library does not have SMS support.


K68 is a tool for communicating with a Sony Ericsson T68i or T68 mobile phone.

PERL -- Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu

The Perl module Device::Ericsson::AccessoryMenu - allows use of a T68i as a remote control. Available also as a Python tool.

Bluetooth Address Resolution Project

Bluetooth address resolution project , most Linux bluetooth applications require the user to specify numerical bluetooth addresses in the command line or configuration file. This is a bluetooth address database to use it in scripts.


T68tool is small command-line application which can backup/restore phonebook and calendar from mobile phone and get/send arbitrary files via OpenOBEX. Tested on Ericsson T68, R320, R520, T610 and Nokia 6310.


getpb Tcl wrapper around t68tool which converts all phonebook records into uniform (utf-8) encoding and stores it in the ${HOME}/.phonebook.vcf. It uses (if bluetooth transport is used) local database of bluetooth addresses in ${HOME}/.btdev.

PhoneBook Grepper

phonebook grepper A companion script to getpb - search .phonebook.vcf for contacts. It is also able to add contacts into the phonebook using -a option.

Exchange Phonebook T39 with ME45

A perl tool to move the phonebook from the Ericsson T39 to the Siemens ME45.

BlueTooth Send Script

Bluetooth send script a simple wrapper around t68tool which allows to avoid specifying bluetooth addresses and channels in the command line. It uses ${HOME}/.btdev database to convert descriptive names of devices into addresses.

Mobi Bluetooth

Mobi is general purpose Bluetooth remote control software which exploits the SonyEricsson accessory feature. It searches for phones and, if found, loads a configurable menu which allows you to perform certain actions from this menu on the connected computer.


jObexFTP is an Obex implementation on Java for compatible with those devices and is intended to be a full implementation sometime in the future. JObexFTP support phone with AT+CPROT=0 or *EOBEX, tested only with Mitsubishi M341I & SE K750i.

GAMMU (formerly MyGnokii2)

GAMMU (GNU All Mobile Management Utilities) (formerly known as MyGnokii2) is manager for various cellular phones and modems. For an up-to-date list of supported mobile phones see Gammu phone database. GAMMu has a command line version with many functions for ringtones, phonebook, SMS, logos, WAP, date/time, alarm, calls, etc. It can also make full backups and restore them. It works on various Unix systems (like Linux) and Win32.


Gammu+ is a cellular manager for various mobile phones/modems. It contains libraries with functions for a phone book and more, as well as a command line version (e.g. to backup/restore).


Wammu is a mobile phone manager that uses Gammu as its backend. It works with any phone that Gammu supports. It has complete support (read, edit, delete, copy) for contacts, todo, and calendar. It can read, save, and send SMS. It includes an SMS composer for multi-part SMS messages, and it can display SMS messages that include pictures. Currently, only text and predefined bitmaps or sounds can be edited in the SMS composer.


python-gammu is a set of Python bindings for Gammu, the GSM mobile manager for various cellular phones. It can work with any phone that Gammu supports.


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