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Linux Mobile (Cellular) Phone Survey: Alcatel

Linux compatibility, synchronization and configuration guides for mobile (cellular) phones made by Alcatel OneTouch. The general resource section at the bottom, contains links to helpful Linux utilities (mostly available under GPL), community efforts, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written a documentation yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

Alcatel OneTouch 501Linux 
Alcatel OneTouch 501LinuxCzech
Alcatel OneTouch 535LinuxRussian
Alcatel OneTouch 535  NEW  LinuxCzech

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KAlcatel allows you to manage messages, calls, contacs, todos and the calendar in Alcatel One Touch 50x and 70x mobile phones. The protocol used by this phone is binary and not documented, so this program can't guarantee any functionality in all cases.


AlcaSync is code (library) to work with Alcatel phones, which is used by KAlcatel.

GAMMU (formerly MyGnokii2)

GAMMU (GNU All Mobile Management Utilities) (formerly known as MyGnokii2) is manager for various cellular phones and modems. It supports Nokia 3210, 33xx, 3410, 3510, 51xx, 5210, 5510, 61xx, 62xx, 63xx, 6510, 7110, 82xx, 8310, 9110, and 9210, and AT devices (such as Siemens, Alcatel, WaveCom, IPAQ, Sagem and other). For an up-to-date list of supported mobile phones see Gammu phone database. GAMMU has a command line version with many functions for ringtones, phonebook, SMS, logos, WAP, date/time, alarm, calls, etc. It can also make full backups and restore them. It works on various Unix systems (like Linux) and Win32.


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