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MultiSync(http://multisync.sourceforge.net) is a free modular program to synchronize calendars, addressbooks and other PIM data between programs on your computer and other computers, mobile devices, PDAs or cell phones. MultiSync works on any Gnome platform, such as Linux. It supports IrMC Mobile Client synchronization (supported by e.g. SonyEricsson T39/T68i, Siemens S45i/S55 phones etc.) via Bluetooth or IrDA on Linux or cable connection.

GPE MultiSync Plugin

The GPE MultiSync Plugin(http://handhelds.org/~florian/multisync/) is used to syncronize GPE PIM data with other devices and software. It currently supports syncing tasks (ToDo/gpe-todo), events (Calendar/gpe-calendar) and contacts (Contacts/gpe-contacts). Apart from GPE, Multisync provides syncronisation against Ximian Evolution, devices that use SyncML (over TCP/IP), Palm PDAs, Opie based PDA software and IrMc ddevices. Additionally it is possible to create backups using multisync.


SieFS(http://users.i.com.ua/~dmitry_z/) is a virtual filesystem for accessing the storage memory of Siemens mobile phones by datacable. Now you can mount and work with a phone filesystem like a floppy disk! It is based on the FUSE (Filesystem in USErspace) core.

ObexFTP implementation (FlexMem)

flexmem(http://triq.net/obexftp) accesses the Flex.Memory directly. I piped a S45 data explorer (windows) session through sersniff. The log looks roughly like OBEX over cable. In fact old Open OBEX is working with S45. It is confirmed to work well with Siemens S45/ME45 and similar mobile phones. You may access the Flex Memory on Siemens mobile equipment via IrDA or serial connection.


SCMxx(http://www.hendrik-sattler.de/scmxx/) allows you to exchange certain types of data with mobile phones made by Siemens. Some of the data that can be exchanged include logos, ring tones, vCalendars, phonebook entries, and SMS messages. It was created to work with an S35i but other models can be supported. SCMxx uses the AT command set published by Siemens to do its work. License: GNU General Public License (GPL) OS: Linux, NetBSD

Qscmxx(http://home.arcor.de/ar0761471173/projekte/eigzauruslnx.htm) is a graphical frontend of scmxx for Siemens mobile phones. It allows you to send SMS from your SHARP Zaurus Linux PDA via IrDA using different phonebooks of your mobile phone. The command line tool scmxx is shipped with this package.


Midi2C25(http://efsa.sourceforge.net/archive/leitner/midi2c25.htm) is a small Eiffel application that takes a standard MIDI file and gives you the intructions on how to get the same tune as a ringtone on a Siemens C25 cell phone. There are frontends available for the command line, for GTK and for Win32.


KSiemens(http://sourceforge.net/projects/ksiemens/) is a small KDE2 application that manages features of the Siemens S25/S35 series of mobile phones. Planned features include display of the phone's status, managing the phonebooks and organizer entries, up- and download of logos and ringing tones, and so on.

S25 Manager 4 Linux

S25-Manager(http://www.na.linux.hr/projects/s25manager/) is an almost complete GUI application written in Tcl/Tk for managing most interesting functions of Siemens S25 Phone (or similar phones) with builtin modem. Archive and read all your SMS messages from the GUI; edit, backup, and restore Phonebook entries; and update time/date on phone. It also has section for uploading files (.bmp, .gif, .mid, etc) files to your S25, with preview for images. All options are configurable from within the GUI.

S25 Logo Uploader

S25 Logo Uploader(http://www.na.linux.hr/projects/s25-logo/) is Tcl script which sends a BMP image to your Siemens GSM S25 phone. It does this by sending PDU packets trough extended AT commands.


gscmxx(http://gscmxx.sourceforge.net/) allows you to access your Siemens cell phone from your (Linux) desktop. gscmxx supports read and write access to phonebooks and the addressbook (if available) and read access to record lists. Furthermore, gscmxx supports downloading and uploading bitmaps to and from the phone. Bitmaps are displayed directly within the application. gscmxx also supports reading and sending SMS.


Handy(http://www.TheosSoft.net/handy.html) is a small commandline tool to synchronize a Lotus Notes appointment scheduler with KDE Organizer and a SIEMENS S35/S45 cellphone. It is able to read the result of the export function of a Lotus Notes client version 5.x. It converts such a file into a vCal 2.0 file for the Organizer and can send the appointments to a cellphone over the IR Port or the serial device.


ME45sync(http://sourceforge.net/projects/siman) is software to manage a Siemens ME45/S45/*45 telephone.


s40utils(http://sourceforge.net/projects/s40utils) are utilities to communicate from any linux powered computer with the Siemens MobilePhone S40.


Siemens SL45 Data Suite SL45c(http://www.freshdot.net/sl45c/) is a Linux implementation of a datasuite for Siemens *45 series cellular phones. It features the abilities to upload logos, read phonebooks, identify GSMs, enable the Super s3kr1t Siemens Service Menu which reveals Network monitor, and much more.


The S40-Forum(http://www.s40forum.de) (in German) is a great resource for this cell phone.


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