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Using Nokia (tm) Communicator 9210 as Modem for DELL Latitude C610 under Novell/SuSE Linux 8.0

I have succeeded in using the 9210 as modem (HSCSD) with my Dell Latitude C610 under SuSE Linux 8.0. I achieved average speeds around 2.5kB/s for large files, with suboptimal reception (antenna symbol hopping between three and four bars).

DISCLAIMER: All information given below is provided without any warranty!

9210 Setup

Start Extras/Faxmodem, open settings:

IR Connection

Connection/Connection type: Infrared

Operating System/Win 2000 : YES

          /Connection type  : High Speed
          /Remote modem type: ISDN V.110
          /Max. conn. speed : 28800

Cable Connection

Connection/Connection type : Cable

          /Transfer rate    : 38400
          /Data bits        : 8
          /Stop bits        : 1
          /Flow control     : Software

Operating System: see IR

Click done, then Activate.

NOTE: If you use nfsclient to transfer data to your Linux machine (www.koeniglich.de(http://www.koeniglich.de/)), you have to terminate that first, since it blocks the serial port otherwise.

Linux Laptop Setup

BIOS: Activate IR on port COM4:, I have FIR activated, but don't think that matters here.

IRDA: You must have package irda installed and running. In /etc/sysconfig/irda, set IRDA_PORT=/dev/ttyS3. You may have to activate IrDA manually in the YaST Runlevel Editor.

Modem Config: SuSE does not detect the modem automatically. So start YaST/Basic Networking/Modem Config and install a new modem

      Device: IR    : /dev/ircomm0
              Cable : /dev/ttyS0
      Speed : 38400 (yes, that's more than above, but pppd doesn't like 28800).

Click on "Details" and set modem commands as follows:


(don't type the ""!).


Comments: +CBST= and +CHSN= select protocol and speed for HSCSD at 38400 with V.110 ISDN. You may have to change the parameters to these commands if you want to use other speeds/protocols. +DS=3 chooses compression.

http://www.nokia.com/phones/productsupport/9210/downloads.html(http://www.nokia.com/phones/productsupport/9210/downloads.html) section AT commands.

This recipe is a courtesy of Hans Ekkehard Plesser.

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