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Linux PDA & Handheld Compatibility Survey: SHARP

You want to use your Sharp NetWalker, Zaurus PDA or Handheld PC together with a Linux based computer? Here are links to compatibility and configuration guides about Linux and PDAs manufactured by Sharp. The general resource section at the bottom, contains links to useful Linux utilities (mostly available under GPL), community efforts, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written a report yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

SHARP Mobilon HC4500 [archived link]Linux 
SHARP Mobilon HC-4600Linux, NetBSD 
SHARP Mobilon HC-4600 [archived link]Linux 
SHARP NetWalkerUbuntu 9.04Spanish
SHARP NetWalkerUbuntu 9.04 
SHARP PC-3100Linux 
SHARP Zaurus E21Linux 
SHARP Zaurus P10Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5000DLinux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5000DLinux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500OpenZaurus 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500Angstrom OPIE 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500OpenZaurus 3.3.3 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500RedHat 7.2 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500Debian 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500GOPIE 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500GOpenZaurus 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500GCacko 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500LinuxGerman
SHARP Zaurus SL-5500SLinuxSpanish
SHARP Zaurus SL-5000D/5500GLinux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5600Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5600Zynergy 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5600 [archived link]Zynergy 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5600Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5600Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5600Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5600Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-5600Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-6000LinuxGerman
SHARP Zaurus SL-6000Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-6000Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-7500C [archived link]LinuxChinese
SHARP Zaurus SL-A300 [archived link]LinuxJapanese
SHARP Zaurus SL-A300Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-A300LinuxJapanese
SHARP Zaurus SL-B500LinuxJapanese
SHARP Zaurus SL-C7x0 [archived link]Debian 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C700 [archived link]LinuxJapanese
SHARP Zaurus SL-C700Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C700 [archived link]Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C700LinuxFrench
SHARP Zaurus SL-C700LinuxJapanese
SHARP Zaurus SL-C700Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C700Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C7x0LinuxJapanese
SHARP Zaurus SL-C750Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C750Debian 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C760Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C760Android 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C860Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C860OpenBSD 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C1000Qtopia 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000Qtopia 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000 [archived link]OpenBSD 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000OpenBSDItalian
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000Debian 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3000 [PDF]Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3100 [PDF]Linux 
SHARP Zaurus SL-C3x000OpenBSD 4.0 

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Codenames/Hardware Survey

These are Sharp's colloquial codenames for the different Zaurus Linux PDA models (you may verify that by the output of cat /proc/cpuinfo, though currently this seems to work reliably with the original ROMs only). All codenames are derived from dog races:

SL-5000DCollie  16MB32MBStrongARM: SA-1110, 206MHz3.5" 240x320(P) 65,536 coloursdeveloper edition
SL-5500Collie  16MB64MBStrongARM: SA-1110, 206MHz3.5" 240x320(P) 65,536 colours 
SL-5500GCollie  16MB64MBStrongARM: SA-1110, 206MHz3.5" 240x320(P) 65,536 coloursGerman edition
SL-5500SCollie  16MB64MBStrongARM: SA-1110, 206MHz3.5" 240x320(P) 65,536 coloursSpanish edition
SL-5600Poodle  64MB64MBXScale: PXA250, 400MHz3.5" 240x320(P) 65,536 colours 
SL-B500???  64MB32MBXScale: PXA250, 400MHz3.5" 240x320(P) 65,536 coloursJapanese edition
SL-C700Corgi  32MB64MBXScale: PXA250, 400MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L) 65,536 colours 
SL-C750Shepherd  64MB64MBXScale: PXA255, 400MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L) 65,536 colours 
SL-7500CShepherd  64MB64MBXScale: PXA255, 400MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L) 65,536 coloursChinese edition
SL-C760Husky  128MB64MBXScale: PXA255, 400MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L) 65,536 colours 
SL-C860Boxer  128MB64MBXScale: PXA255, 400MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L) 65,536 colours 
SL-C1000Akita  128MB64MBXScale: PXA270, 416MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L) 
SL-C3000Spitz  16MB64MBXScale: PXA270, 416MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L)4GB HDD
SL-C3100Borzoi  128MB64MBXScale: PXA270, 416MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L)4GB HDD
SL-C3200Terrier  128MB64MBXScale: PXA270, 416MHz3.7" VGA 640x480(L)6GB HDD
SL-6000NTosa  64MB64MBXScale: PXA255, 400MHz4.0" VGA 480x640(P) 
SL-6000DTosa  128MB64MBXScale: PXA255, 400MHz4.0" VGA 480x640(P) 
SL-6000LTosa802.11b 64MB64MBXScale: PXA255, 400MHz4.0" VGA 480x640(P) 
SL-6000WTosa802.11bX64MB64MBXScale: PXA255, 400MHz4.0" VGA 480x640(P) 

*) P = portrait, L = landscape


Linux and BSD Distributions for the Zaurus PDAs

  • Open Palm Integrated Environment - OPIE [archived link]
  • OpenZaurus
  • Familiar Linux PDA distribution [archived link]
  • PocketWorkstation - based on Debian
  • PocketWorkstation runs in a chroot environment on a storage card, using the vendor's preinstalled native Linux system for most hardware access. GUI is based on Xf4vnc and the fbvnc framebuffer viewer. Check out the PocketWorkstationXQT variant for a native X11 GUI.
  • Gentoo For Zaurus
  • OPIE for the original SHARP ROM [archived link]
  • PokyLinux
  • Ångström a combined OpenEmbedded, OpenZaurus and OpenSimpad project to unify their effort to make a stable and userfriendly distribution for embedded devices like handhelds, set top boxes and network-attached storage devices and more. Maybe it's sort of a successor to OPIE.
  • Titchy is a complete, fully-native Debian GNU/Linux distribution for the Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000, SL-C3100 and SL-C3200. It boots directly from the internal microdrive, and completely replaces the existing operating system.
  • NetBSD/zaurus is a port of NetBSD to the ARM processor based PDAs by Sharp.
  • OpenBSD/zaurus is an effort to make OpenBSD run on several PDAs of the Sharp Zaurus family.
  • The Handhelds Mojo [archived link] projects objective is to provide complete, standard desktop distributions for mobile and embedded devices.

MAC OS and Zaurus

There are different approaches for MAC OS and Zaurus.



Alternative ROM Images

Open Source ROMs

Commercial ROMs


HOWTOs: Applications

HOWTOs: Installation

HOWTOs: Connectivity via USB

Conversion from Other PDAs (Palm, Psion, ..)

How to migrate your applications and data from any PDA to your SHARP Zaurus Linux PDA:

  • p2z - Palm to Zaurus conversion tool
  • strip2zsafe - Strip to ZSafe conversion tool

DTM to Opie Converter

dtmconv is used to convert from Sharp's proprietary Zaurus PIM e.g. addressbook storage format used on its newer ROMs to the XML format used by Opie. It is useful whenever you are migrating from a Sharp ROM to something such as OpenZaurus on your device.

Localisation / Internalisation


Community: Mailing Lists, Forums, FAQs, HOWTOs, Wikis

Related Books

Kevin Milne: Z4CK - A Novel Featuring the Zaurus and Openzaurus, 2004

Z4CK Kevin Milne has written Z4CK a cyber thriller based around Duncan Steele, a hacker who creates the 'magic bullet' that lets him by-pass any network security. Duncan uses Z4CK meaning Zaurus-ACK, compiled on the OpenZaurus OS to do this.

Unlike Films like 'The Net', Z4CK gives a realistic insight into hacker tools and techniques. The book was written with a Zaurus SL-5500 and PocketTop keyboard. Z4CK features wireless hacking with the Zaurus, and a view of how an Open Source future might be.

Amazon Order

Kevin Milne: Digital Force - A New Novel featuring the Zaurus and Real-Life Hacker Tools, 2006

Digital Forces Duncan Steele has a simple choice to make. Work as a hacker for the British Governments' elite digital insurgency unit Cyber-Secure, or go to prison for his previous exploits against that very government.

Digital Force picks up where Z4CK left off. Follow Duncan Steele during his time at Cyber-Secure, from hunting the Fourth Reich hacker group to meeting his most skilled adversary, to the creation of the Sec-Net network following the destruction of the Internet.

Amazon Order

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