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Linux PDA & Handheld Compatibility Survey: Psion

You want to use your Psion NetBook, Revo PDA or Handheld PC together with a Linux based computer? Here are links to compatibility and configuration guides about Linux and PDAs manufactured by Psion . The general resource section at the bottom, contains links to useful Linux utilities (mostly available under GPL ), community efforts, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written a report yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

Psion Revo  NEW  LinuxGerman
Psion Revo Linux 
Psion Revo Plus LinuxGerman
Psion Series 3a ELKS Linux  
Psion Series 3,5,5MX,7,Netbook Linux 
Psion Series 5 Linux CL-PS7110 
Psion Series 5MX Debian 3.0 (Woody) 
Psion Series 5MX DebianItalian
Psion Series 5MX Kludged Linux 
Psion Series 5MX Pro/Revo Debian 
Psion Series 5MX/5MX Pro Linux 
Psion Netbook  [archived link] Linux 
Psion Netbook OpenPsion 
Psion Series 7/NetBook/MalayBook Linux 

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Applications and Drivers


XPsiTouch enables the touch screen buttons around the LCD panel for X-Windows running Linux on the Psion.


Proboot allows boot Linux directly from a CompactFlash card on Psion 5mx Pro handheld computers. Proboot does not work with the standard Psion 5mx, or Revo, please use ArLo bootloader instead.

Arlo BootLoader

Arlo is the boot loader that is needed to boot Linux kernels on psion devices. As of version 1.2, Arlo supports the Series 5, 5mx and Series 7. The Psion Revo (plus), 5mx Pro and Netbook will probably work, but that needs confirming.


PsiConv , EPOC32 PSION 5(MX) file format data conversion utilities for Linux.


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