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Linux PDA & Handheld Compatibility Survey: Hewlett-Packard - HP

You want to use your Hewlett-Packard - HP Jornada PDA or Handheld PC together with a Linux based computer? Here are links to compatibility and configuration guides about Linux and PDAs manufactured by Hewlett-Packard - HP. The general resource section at the bottom, contains links to useful Linux utilities (mostly available under GPL), community efforts, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written a report yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

HP 200LX PalmTopLinux 
HP 200LX [archived link]MiniX 
HP 200LXMiniX 
HP 200LXLinux 
HP 200LXLinuxJapanese
HP 620LXLinux 
HP 620LX/660LXJlime 
HP Jornada 545LinuxFrench
HP Jornada 56x [archived link]OPIE, GPE 
HP Jornada 56xLinux 
HP Jornada 680 [archived link]Linux 
HP Jornada 680/690Linux 
HP Jornada 680/690 [archived link]MiniX 
HP Jornada 680/690Jlime 
HP Jornada 710/720/728Familiar 0.8.2, Debian 2.2, 3.0 
HP Jornada 710/720/728Linux 
HP Jornada 720 [archived link]Linux 
HP Jornada 720Familiar 
HP Jornada 720Linux 
HP Jornada 720 [archived link]Familiar 0.5 
HP Jornada 720Linux 
HP Jornada 720DebianCzech
HP Jornada 728NetBSDPortuguese
HP Jornada 728NetBSD 
HP Jornada 820Debian 
HP Jornada 820 [archived link]Linux 
HP Jornada 820 [archived link]Linux 

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Applications, Drivers, Ports, Distributions

  • Jornada Linux Mobility Edition - jLiMe focuses on running Linux on the HP Jornada 680/690 and 620LX/660LX series handheld PC. The Jornada 680/690 is a Windows CE-based device equipped with a 133MHz Hitachi SH3 processor. It has a laptop-like keyboard, a relatively large screen and excellent battery capacity, which makes it an ideal device for coding on the road and wireless internet access, much more than any traditional PDA. The 620LX/660LX is a similar device, the differences being a 75MHz SH3 processor instead of 133MHz and a softtouch keyboard instead of the laptop-like keyboard on the 680/690. Running Linux as the main operating system on your Jornada 680/690 or 620LX/660LX will give you a powerful system with tons of tools, programming languages and applications.
  • NetBSD/hpcsh brings the NetBSD operating system to HITACHI Super-H family based Windows CE PDA machines. Currently, the sh3 processor is supported.


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