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Linux PDA & Handheld Compatibility Survey: HP/COMPAQ

You want to use your Compaq iPAQ PDA or Handheld PC together with a Linux based computer? Here are links to compatibility and configuration guides about Linux and PDAs manufactured by Compaq. The general resource section at the bottom, contains links to useful Linux utilities (mostly available under GPL), community efforts, HOWTOs and FAQs. Have you written a report yourself? Then please feel free to submit a new entry.

iPAQ [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ [archived link]Linux, Familiar 
iPAQ H1910 [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ H1940GPEHungarian
iPAQ H2210 / H2215 / H2212e [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ H2210 / H2215 / H2212e [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ H3600/H3800Linux 
iPAQ H3600Familiar 0.5 
iPAQ H3600Nano-X 
iPAQ H3600Pixil 
iPAQ H3600GPE 
iPAQ H3630FamiliarGerman
iPAQ H3630 [PDF]Familiar 
iPAQ H3650GPE 
iPAQ H3670, H3870, H3970Familiar, OPIE 
HP iPAQ H3765Familiar 0.5 
iPAQ H3600/3700Familiar 
iPAQ H3800 [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ H3850Familiar 
iPAQ H3850Familiar 
iPAQ H3870Familiar, OPIE 
iPAQ H3870FamiliarGerman
iPAQ H3870 [archived link]Familiar 
iPAQ H3870Familiar 0.5.2 
iPAQ H3870FamiliarGerman
iPAQ H3950Familiar 
iPAQ H3975  NEW  Familiar 0.8.2, OPIE, GPE 
iPAQ H4100 [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ H4355 [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ Hx4700 [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ Hx4700 [archived link]Linux 
iPAQ H5xxx [PDF]Familiar 0.7.2Hungarian
iPAQ H5450Familiar 
iPAQ Hx2750  NEW  Linux 

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Linux PDA Distributions

Community: Mailing Lists, Forums, FAQs, HOWTOs, Wikis

WinCE/PocketPC Restoration for HP/Compaq iPAQ

You can load an original WinCE image using the handhelds.org bootloader. Once you have that installed you can reload the original firmware. There are WinCE [archived link]. You will need a serial cable or cradle. An USB connection will not be sufficient! For details see the WinCE Restoration Instructions [archived link] and the PocketPC Restoration Instructions [archived link]. See these notes for extra steps on H39xx or H5xxx [archived link].

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