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SHARP(http://www.sharp-world.com) launched its personalmobile tool, the SL-5000, which combines the functions of a mobile phone with a Web-enabled PDA. The device runs on LINEO: EmbediX Linux (kernel 2.4.x) combined with Personal Java.

The SL-5000 features a 206MHz Intel StrongARM processor and 32Mbyte of SDRAM. There are two card slots, one for SD/Multimedia (MMC-Card) and one for compact flash (CF-Card) cards. It is also possible to insert a micro hard drive and a video camera. The 3.5in TFT touchscreen has a resolution of 240 X 320pixel and 65.536 colours. Most notable the extendable keyboard behind the front cover. The SL-5500 has 64MByte RAM.

The Sharp SL-5000 has many features in common with the COMPAQ iPAQ(pda_linux_ipaq.html).

SHARP SL-5000 Zaurus


SD/Multimedia (MMC-Card)

Sorry I don't have information about Linux compatibility yet.

Cradle CE-ST6


In my humble opinion the IO port is a proprietary solution. For internal system data see the SL-5000 System Block Diagramm.


For a list of compatible CompactFlash or PCMCIA cards, please go to the COMPAQ - CF Card List(http://www.compaq.com/products/handhelds/pocketpc/cfcardlist.html). Currently known as working with Linux is the Kingston Compact I/O Ethernet Adapter CIO10T (10BaseT). More cards you will find soon (hopefully) in the List of Supported PCMCIA Cards. If you know of a working card, please let me know.

Here is a list of peripheral devices(http://more.sbc.co.jp/slj/peri.asp) whose operation have been confirmed by Sharp, and a wish list that Sharp is willing to support for the SL-5000D.

The PCMCIA Card Services for StrongARM(http://www.wearablegroup.org/software/pcmcia/) project of the Carnegie Mellon Wearable Group is an effort to make PCMCIA Card Services available to users of Linux on the ARM architecture. Specifically, the StrongARM SA-1100 (and SA-1110) processor includes an integrated PCMCIA controller; it is this feature which is targeted by the project.

InfraRed Port


You may find some entries (around February 2001, look for COMPAQ iPAQ) in the mailing list archiv of the Linux/IrDA Project(http://irda.sourceforge.net/). Also the Kernel >= 2.4.17 will probably contain a FIR driver.

Remote Control

See the LIRC(http://www.lirc.org) project.


For BlueTooth on the iPAQ 3870 see the page of Marcel Holtmann [archived link].



For the Stowaway keyboard, there is a SDK available at the manufacturers site: ThinkOutSide(http://www.thinkoutside.com/). Here you may find the Compaq Microkeyboard(http://www.compaq.com/products/handhelds/pocketpc/options/keyboards.html) and other small keyboards.



OpenZaurus(http://www.openzaurus.org/) is a community version of the root filesystem ROM image for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D PDA.


Opie(http://opie.handhelds.org/) is a "fork" of the Qtopia(http://qpe.sourceforge.net/) codebase. Qtopia (formerly QPE) was written mostly by employees of TrollTech and uses the Qt Embedded toolkit which is produced by TrollTech.


Zaurus Open Source Development(http://sourceforge.net/projects/zaurus) .





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