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Linux Applications for the Palm and Visor PDA


Port for Palm III, V

Empower Technologies offers a Linux port for the Palm III and Palm V series.

The Linux/Microcontroller - uClinux project is a port of Linux to systems without a Memory Management Unit (MMU). Pronounced "you-see-linux", the name uClinux comes from combining the greek letter "mu" and the english capital "C". "Mu" stands for "micro", and the "C" is for "controller". uClinux first ported to the Motorola MC68328: DragonBall Integrated Microprocessor. The first target system to successfully boot is the 3Com PalmPilot using a TRG SuperPilot Board with a custom boot-loader created specifically for our Linux/PalmPilot port.



The pilot-link suite of tools contains a robust library and a series of conduits for moving information between your desktop or workstation and your Palm handheld device, such as those made by Palm, Sony, Handspring, Handera, and others. It also includes language bindings for languages such as Perl, Python, and Java. Completely new USB device support for Palm, Handspring, and Sony USB-based PalmOS devices. The conduits read-palmpix (a Kodak PalmPix conduit to convert PalmPix camera images to PNG files) and read-notepad (a NotePad conduit to convert Palm NotePad records to image files) have been added. There is a new pilot-datebook replacement pi-getromtoken (a GetROMToken conduit), full support for passworded OS4 and later devices, a full regression test suite, extensive debug logging.


Pilot-QOF is an application interface between pilot-link and QOF (Query Object Framework). It supports writing Palm data to QSF XML offline storage and running SQL-type queries on the live data or XML file. QSF XML can be imported into other QOF applications.

m50x via USB

This HOWTO [archived link] describes how to sync a m50x with Linux under USB.


webcalngsync is an application that can synchronize a Palm Pilot Datebook database with a webcalng calendar.


SiteScooper automatically retrieves the stories from several news websites, trims off extraneous HTML, and converts them into iSilo or Palm DOC format for later reading on-the-move. It maintains a cache, and will avoid stories you've already read. It can handle 1-page sites, 1-page with diffing, 2- and 3-level sites as well as My-Netscape-style RSS sites. It's also very easy to add a new site to its list. Even if you don't have a PalmPilot, it's still handy for simple website-to-text conversion. Site files are included for many popular news sites including Slashdot, LWN, Freshmeat and Linux Today


PalmVNC is an implementation of the Virtual Network Client architecture that will allow you to use a Linux or other UNIX machine to put up a (tiny) X Window on a 3COM PalmPilot.


Pyrite is a comprehensive set of modules which allow access to Palm Computing platform devices and their data via Python. It includes APIs for transparent database access, records as Python objects, conduits, and plug-ins for extensability. Pyrite was formerly known as "PalmPython".

Pyrite Publisher enables you to convert content into formats suitable for use on a Palm Computing Platform handheld. It is primarily intended to convert text and web pages into e-books usable with several popular readers, but it has recently begun to support other types of data. Pyrite Publisher currently runs on Linux (and other forms of Unix) and Windows.

Pyrite Template is a (theoretically) general-purpose template processing framework intended mainly for the generation of web pages. Templates use embedded Python code, and processing objects are included to apply them to groups of files, collect data from files into template-accessible variables, generate thumbnails for image collections, and other similar tasks.

Formerly a part of Pyrite, libpisock is a Python binding to the most important parts of the pisock (pilot-link) library that is used by most Unix-based Palm Computing Platform desktop software. It has recently been submitted for inclusion into the main pilot-link distribution; the version here is likely to be either older or newer than the one there.


SMSync converts SMS messages from Handspring devices to standard mailbox format. The program is tested with the Treo 270 communicator, but it should work with other Treos and Handspring Visorphone devices.


TuSSH is an SSH client for Palm OS devices.



Linux/IrDA is a project with the goal of implementing the IrDA(TM) protocol stack into the Linux kernel. IrDA is a standard for infrared communication between devices such as laptops, printers, PDAs, mobile phones, LAN access points etc.


The Linux-InfraRed-HOWTO describes how to setup an IrDA or InfraRed remote control connection to your Linux box.



PilotManager is a tool that allows you to synchronize databases on your 3Com PalmPilot with applications on your Unix platform. It is a full Hotsync daemon that is user extensible. Developers can write their own conduits to synchronize Pilot databases with the desktop application of their choice.


CryptoPadSplicer is a conduit for a Palm application called CryptoPad. It can transfer, decrypt, and save files from a PalmPilot to a PC.


wmpalm is a Window Maker applet that makes it possible to sync and install files to a 3Com Palm computing device when you press the sync button on the cradle. It uses the pilot-link toolkit, but that can easily be replaced.


The SyncBuilder framework allows you to develop Java applications that synchronize data between a host and Palm Computing platform handheld devices. It includes a well documented class library, and a number of useful utility programs.

MAL Sync

MAL Sync is a bare bones utility to enable people who have Palm OS devices to sync to Mobile Application Link (MAL) compliant servers. The AvantGo.com service is the first such server. AvantGo.com is a web capture and browsing service for handheld devices. MAL Sync is also available for Mac OS X and NetBSD.


jpilot-syncmal is a MAL (Mobile Application Link) plugin for J-Pilot. It was built upon malsync, and can be used to synchronize PDAs with MAL servers such as AvantGo.


ColdSync is a portable synchronization tool for Palm devices (PalmPilot, Palm III, Palm V, etc.) that runs under *BSD, Solaris, Digital Unix/Tru64, Linux, and even AIX. It supports PalmOS 2.0 (PalmPilot) and later. ColdSync can back up, restore, install, and synchronize database, and can be extended and customized through with conduits. ColdSync is rather paranoid and takes pains not to delete anything it isn't 100% sure about.


The jSyncManager is an open source, Java implementation of a HotSync-compatible protocol stack, set of data abstraction objects, development tools, and applications allowing developers and end-users to synchronize Palm devices with any Java based system.

Pilot Applet and gnome-pilot

Pilot Applet is a GNOME applet for the 3Com Palm Pilot devices. Its purpose is to be able to sync the pilot simply by pressing the sync button on the cradle.

gnome-pilot [archived link] is a daemon for pilot synchronization, that includes conduits, a panel applet and control-center applets. The goal is a daemon both for the single pilot user, but also for e.g. office use, where many pilots and many people are involved. And a complete set of office ready extras. There is also a Gnome-Pilot FAQ [archived link] , which explains the HotSync, SyncID AvantGo and more.


KPilot is an attempt to replace 3Com's Windows based hot sync software for the Palm Pilot. It includes an address editor, drag and drop memo support, file (prc/prb) installation, incremental hot-syncing of whole pilot, as well as backup and restore capabilities. KPilot also supports conduits, currently offering a Pop Client conduit and a conduit to allow you to sync the Datebook with KOrganizer.



pilot-mailsync is an application to transfer outgoing mail from and deliver incoming mail to a Palm OS device. It relies on the libraries installed by pilot-link.


CyberScheduler template

CyberScheduler template is an Internet-based calendaring and scheduling solution for workgroups, based on Crosswind's CyberSche duler/Synchronize client/server software suite. The design is completely changeable, and all data like events, to-do's, and reminders can be synchronized with a Palm Pilot.


Syncal reads a current ical calendar file, an archived ical calendar file from the last time syncal was run, and a Palm device DateBook database and reconciles them. It creates a new ical calendar file which replaces both the current and archived ones and updates the Pilot DateBookDB to coincide with them. Also included are patches to ical which create a menu item to sync with a Pilot.


P*Wcal is a process that allows you to synchronize the datebook and todos of Palm Pilot with Wcal. It has multiple Palm synchronization, user authentication to avoid illegal access to the calendars, the ability to synchronize events and todos, the ability to archive Palm events in Wcal, Network HotSync\256 support, quick sync report in the HotSync\256 journal of the Palm, and a complete sync report in Wcal.



PalmImage is a Java GUI/CLI application to convert Viewer III, GIF, and JPEG files to Viewer III PDBs for installation on Palm devices.


PBM2Palm is a utility for converting black and white PBM files into Java classes. These can be used to display the image on a Palm, using the KVM.


imgvtopgm [archived link] is a set of shell tools for converting PGM and PBM files to monochrome, 2 bit, and 4 bit image databases for the Palm Pilot Image Viewer.

Doc Format

Doc Format Specification

The Doc format is the de facto standard for large text documents on the Palm Computing Platform. It enjoys wide support in both software and content, but documentation is sparse. This document is an attempt to describe the Doc format for the edification of programmers who are interested in writing Doc-compatible software, and to encourage programmers not to break the format in incompatible ways. This document is totally unofficial, and derived from examination of existing Doc files and applications.


CSpotRun is a reader for documents in the Pilot DOC format. It's targeted at those who do not use a reader enough to justify spending the money on one, and was designed to be smaller and simpler than the commercial readers. It's available for download in English, French, German, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Doc Toolkit

Doc Toolkit is a set of tools for building e-texts in the "Doc" format which is the de facto standard for large texts on the Palm Computing platform. It includes command-line tools for converting HTML and ASCII to Doc databases, and can be extended in Python. It can fetch its input from the web or FTP, has support for TealDoc tags, and can set bookmarks directly into the output database.


gPalmDoc [archived link] is an html to Palm Pilot AportisDoc/TealDoc converter. You enter the URL in the entry box, hit OK, and it goes out, sucks down the html, converts it to a palm pilot doc, then drops it into an install directory for later installation.


Z-Doc is an Aportis(TM) DOC compatible reader/writer with support for encryption, compression, and serial port input/output. It is built mainly for programmers who wish to access the DOC format files from a Palm Pilot or from standalone Unix C code. It has modular read/write functions which can be picked up and dropped into other GPLed projects.


bibelot.pl is a Perl script that formats and converts text documents into compressed PalmDoc .pdb files, suitable for reading on a Palm or Handspring device with any standard PalmDoc reader (AportisDoc, CSpotRun, RichReader, TealDoc, etc.). It was written primarily for formatting etexts from the Project Gutenberg, but works well for most text files.


palm-as-disc [archived link] is a tool to convert a file to and from pdb-format for installing on a Palm Pilot.


Palm::Zetetic::Strip is a set of Perl 5 modules that provides an interface to the Palm database (PDB) files for Strip, a password and account manager from zetetic.net for the Palm computing platform. It uses the IDEA and AES algorithms to decrypt the data from PDB files.


GutenPalm is an e-text reader for Palm Pilots. It is geared towards reading Project Gutenberg e-texts, but will work on any ASCII file. GutenPalm uses zlib for compression, resulting in good file sizes, an important consideration for Palms. It includes features such as bookmarks, annotations, searching, and beaming. Also included is makeztxt, a command line program to generate zTXT databases (which GutenPalm reads). makeztxt supports regular expressions to automatically generate a list of bookmarks.



p5-palm is a set of Perl modules for reading, manipulating, and writing Palm database files. The package includes a generic core component, as well as handlers for the built-in apps' databases. It is reasonably easy to extend the package to handle arbitrary database types.

PalmOS Flat-File Database Utilities

The PalmOS Flat-File Database Utilities allow you to convert text files in CSV format to and from various of the different PalmOS flat-file database formats. Currently supported formats are MobileDB, List, JFile v3.x, and the opensource 'DB' format.


pilot-hinote unpacks Hi-Note databases into an XML file, and places images into seperate PBM files. It can also pack Hi-Note databases from an XML file and a collection of PBM files.

Address Books


pi-address GUI frontend to address databases from a 3Com Palm Pilot. It can read/edit/save database files in PDB-format. Those files can be read from or written to the pilot using pilot-xfer from the pilot-link package. This version can also read/write the address database direct from/to the Palm Pilot. The program can also be used as a general address manager without a 3Com Palm Pilot. Some of the record fields may not be very meaningful in this case.


Abook is small and powerful ncurses based addressbook program designed to use with mutt mail client. Abook runs on Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. There is a palmcsv export filter included.


Pilot2pine is a perl script that converts Palm Pilot Pro/Personal and Palm III addressbooks to pine's addressbook format, and vica versa. It uses the pilot-link package (pilot-addresses in particular) to download the addressbook data from your Palm Pilot Pro/Personal or Palm III. It can create new pine addressbooks from your Pilot addressbook, append your Pilot's addressbook to an existing pine addressbook, or it can convert a pine addressbook into the Pilot's format, to be uploaded to your Pilot by the pilot-addresses program.


ma2p [archived link] is a converter from Mozilla Address Book to Palm Pilot and Mobile Phone (vCard format).


Palm OS Emulator Howto

The Palm OS Emulator HOWTO guides users through the process of installing and setting up the Palm OS Emulator, an application for desktop computers that emulates the operations of Palm Computing Platform hardware devices. With it, users can load ROM images, applications, and databases and use them on their desktop computers.


An emulator for Palm Computing organizers. Requires a ROM file, which can be transferred from a physical Palm device, or downloaded from Palm's website (if you sign a license agreement).


XCopilot [archived link] is an emulator of the PalmPilot operating system that runs under Linux in X11. XCopilot is no longer maintained you may instead wish to use POSE.


Palm Pilot Functional Emulator (Palm-FE) is a Web application that offers personal information management compatible with original Palm Pilot PDA with the same look and feel (as close as possible).


PalmApple is an Apple //e emulator for PalmOS. It emulates the Apple //e with 64K RAM, an 80 column card, in Hi/Low Res Mode. It runs in both 160x160 and 320x320 on OS4/OS5 devices.



prc-eclipse is an Eclipse plugin that provides support for the GNU-based PalmOS development tools, prc-tools. It provides two useful features: The first is to allow the use of the Eclipse graphical debugger interface instead of the textual gdb interface. The second is (searchable) access to PalmSource's extensive online help through Eclipse's built-in help system. These combine with the C/C++ Development Tools to make a powerful development environment.


Toucan is based on Tcl/Tk (of course!) and provides an environment for developing Palm Tcl applications using Tk widgets to give an approximate appearance to the Palm Forms interface. It is not a 100% perfect look-and-feel (at least with the initial version), but it is sufficient for the user to design the Forms interface and create the Tcl scripts to glue them all together.


From newsgroup.pilot.programmer.gcc GNU Pilot SDK FAQ [archived link]


Palmdoc , inspired by javadoc, is a Perl program intended to help Palm programmers document their projects. It takes a projectname as input and walks along the project files, generating an HTML document from the code and the comments. While palmdoc has some strict rules, it helps the programmer maintain a clear document-st ructure and minimizes the effort of having to write seperate documentation for each project.

KVM FCS and CLDC for Linux

The KVM FCS and the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) comprise a kit which allows you to develop applications for devices like the Palm and to run them in a Palm-like simulator on X11. This is a Linux port of an original package published by Sun Microsystems on http://java.sun.com/j2me.


LinPQA is a freeware compiler and decompiler for 3COM's Palm VII Palm Query Apps (PQAs), and converts simple HTML to/from PalmVII PQA.



jpilot aka J-Pilot is a full-featured desktop organizer application for the Palm Pilot that runs under Linux and UNIX. It includes support for datebooks, addresses, memos, todos, expenses, and has plugin support. It uses the GTK+ libraries.


jpilot-Mail is a mail plugin for jpilot. It allows you to sync your mailbox folder with the Palm pilot database and to send mail you wrote on your pilot.

The Linux Palm Desktop

Linux Palm Desktop is a program that is designed to bring all of the corresponding functionality of its Windows counterpart to Linux, including integration with other applications through the opensource programming environment Shelf. This is the initial release of the Linux Palm Desktop. This release concentrates on the ability to view and search data created in the Palm, which includes the Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Date Book and Expenses applications.


PilotBean is a package that provides a Java interface to the 3Com PalmPilot (TM) device via Pilot Desktop application. PilotBean's classes allow user Java applications to work with Pilot Desktop's data files, i.e. Memopad and Datebook. Datebook's and Memopad's entries can be added, edited and listed. Datebook and Memopad can also be "listened to" to detect new or updated entries.



jpilot-backup is an enhanced backup plugin for J-Pilot. It handles backups automatically at user-defined intervals (every sync, daily, weekly, or monthly), keeps multiple archives of backups (1 - 99), and allows the user to configure which applications/databases to backup and which to ignore. Only changed databases are downloaded from the PDA. Hardlinks are created for databases which have not changed since the previous backup, saving both sync time and disk space.


PenguinBackup is a single, bootable 3.5" floppy disk which includes a complete operating system, utilities, and communication software for all kinds of Pilots (OS 1.x - 3.x), wrapped in a nice, easy-to-use menu system.

PERL Modules

CPAN 00modlist.long.html

::Pilot   amcO Interface to pilot-link library   KJALB
::PilotDesktop i    Managing Pilot Desktop databases software   JWIEGLEY

Python Modules



Muehle is a implementation of the classic board game "nine men's morris" for PalmOS. One design goal is the tiny size of the program. The screenshot shows a picture of the linux-debug version (with Tk). There is now a version for Linux and a completly untested, cross-compiled Windows version with a TCL/TK frontend.


CWimp (Cosmic Wimpout) is a fun dice game for the Palm, allowing up to 8 human or computer players to play against each other.

Misc. Apps


Palm-storage is mainly an attempt to make easy access to Palm(R) expansion cards possible for Linux users. Palm-storage is a small application for Palm(R) and compatible PDAs running PalmOS(R). The final aim is to implement the usb mass storage protocol, but therefore I need to know more about the usb driver. This will make access to the card much easier for Linux users and allows you to use your PalmOS(R) handheld for mobile data storage , like these small USB memory sticks.


PalmFontConv is a collection of command-line utilities to manipulate Palm fonts in both v1 and v2 formats. Currently, there is a converter that converts between afnx, nfnt (low, high, or both densities), NFNT, and text editable formats.


LockBox is a tool for the Palm Pilot and compatibles that helps users securely manage account information. Multiple account information is protected by a single password. Features: Stores Account Information - Account Name, User Name, Password, Notes, Export data to Memo Application, Categories to organize different account information, 128bit (A)RC4 Encryption, Works on PalmOS2.0 and higher devices, Backs up changes to PC during HotSync.


PalmWac is PalmOS software which will turn your PDA into a Wacom compatible tablet, suitable to be used under X11, gpm, or other environments.


jailocarder is a credit card number validator and generator for PalmOS devices. It allows number interpolation and supports Visa (16 and 13 digits), Mastercard / Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club / Carte Blanche, Discover, Enroute, and JCB (16 and 15 digits).


Strip is a password and account management program for the Palm(T) Computing Platform. Designed to fit the needs of both IT professionals and the average user, it combines ease of use with flexibility and security. 96 bit encryption ensures that even if your Palm Pilot is lost or stolen your important account and password information will remain confidential. Strip has a quick and easy to use interface, with many useful features including the ability to beam shared accounts to other Strip users.

GNU Keyring

GNU Keyring lets you securely store digital secret keys on your Palm handheld computer. This information might include computer account passwords, credit card numbers, GnuPG or PGP passphrases, SKey one-time-pads, or phone banking keywords. Records are protected by a password, which can be configured to expire after a while. Records are encrypted so they're safe when hotsynced to the PC.

Dali Clock

XDaliClock is a digital clock for the X Window System and the Palm Pilot. When a digit changes, it "melts'' into its new shape.


WindStone [archived link] (TM) is a Linux-based Operating System for embedded devices, which provides binary compatibility with PalmOS.


plucker is an offline HTML viewer for PalmOS which comes packaged with a UNIX and Linux conduit. An included script spiders HTML pages to a user-supplied depth, parses them on the client machine into an easily processed format, and then sends them to the Pilot. Plucker supports clickable images, italics, multiple databases, configurable display parameters and stylus options, compression, Perl, Python, and Delphi conduits, etc.


comics.pl is [archived link] a CGI script that generates a single HTML page containing the newest strip for many online comic strips. It handles Penny Arcade, PvP, User Friendly, Robotman, Dilbert, Over The Hedge, Red Meat, Liberty Meadows, Fox Trot, and many others. It's customizable; you can select which comics you want to read. Very preliminary Avantgo support was added for viewing comics via Palm/PocketPC/Visor. Sluggy Freelance was added, and Penny-Arcade, PVP, and RedMeat were fixed. KingFeatures comics are broken, developers are needed to help get them working again.


XNotesPlus is a sticky notes program with over a dozen features like email, search text, printing, audio/visual alarms, date and calendar inserts, categorization by colored projects, etc. It also includes an interface to the 3Com Palm Pilot, allowing backups and syncing of backups, uploading XNotes to the Pilot and downloading Pilot Memos into XNotes, and a complete interface to the Pilot Address Book, allowing you to use addresses from the Pilot to print envelopes and email notes to friends. XNotesPlus comes with support for both Gtk and Motif/LessTif.

PocketMoney to QIF

PocketMoney to QIF (pm2qif) is a small Perl script that exports the transactions stored in a PocketMoney for PalmOS database into a standard .qif file, ready for importing into many finance applications including GNUCash.

Boxer (Sneakernet using Palm)

Boxer [archived link] is a simple set of programs that allows any file to be encapsulated and placed on a Palm device (Palm, Visor, etc.). On the Palm, it can be Unzipped, GUnzipped, or untarred, and individual files can be extracted. Documents can be saved as DOC files, and Palm databases can be installed. "Boxes" can be beamed between palms. Also, if you have wireless (a Palm VII or equivalen t i.e., have Web Clipping), if the author provides a special link (documented in the readme), you can download the file directly into the Palm, and use Boxer to unzip and install the files.

palmamp for XMMS

palmamp for XMMS is an XMMS plugin to allow it to be controlled from a PalmPilot.


palm-bookmarks parses the bookmarks file of Netscape and produces a Palm database (pdb) suitable for the ListDB program.


MakeDocJ and MakeDocGUI make it easier to create PilotDOCs for use on a Palm computer. They allow you to create preset bookmarks.


txt2pdbdoc is a program that converts text files to Doc files (and vice versa). Doc is the defacto standard file format for text documents for PalmOS document reader applications.


doctype is a shell script that tells which Palm program to use to read a pdb document, and tells you if a .pdb or .prc file is a document file or a PalmOS application or a PalmOS Hack extension. It supports DOC, DB, FireViewer/ImageViewer, HanDBase, InfoView, iSilo, JFile, LIST, MobileDB, QuickSheet, TealDoc, TealMeal, TealInfo, TealPaint, ThinkDB, Tides, and TomeRaider types.


Mostly GPLed software for the Palm PDAs from the ISAAC Group.

MemoNews Linux -> Palmpilot Newsreader

MemoNews is a perl program that gathers nntp news (what you're now reading), threads the articles alphabetically, and packs them into the PalmPilot MemoPad for offline reading/replying. It can handle multiple newsgroups, posting, and has automatic expiration of articles. It was written under Linux but seems to work with other unixes just as well.


eyemodule.py is a Python program which extracts images and notes from the eyemodule pdb files captured by the eyemodule for the Handspring Visor . It lets you view or convert the images to jpeg files which are put in directories reflecting the categories. It optionally creates a HTML thumbnail index of the images.

Eyemodule Image Extractor

The Eyemodule Image Exractor takes the pdb files which the eyemodule creates, and converts the entries into a jpg or png file.

GNU Diagram

GNU Diagram is a little tool for drawing on the Palm.


WabaJump is an API which allows applications written for Waba to be compiled to a PalmOS executable via Jump. This removes the application's dependence on the WabaVM, so that only one file needs to be installed on the user's device, instead of four. This also speeds up the application, because it's now a native application instead of an interpreted application.


Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical editing of resource files for PalmOS-based pocket computers. The user interface is modelled after Glade, the GNOME UI builder.


SmallBASIC is a free BASIC interpreter for Linux and PalmOS. It uses svgalib, XFree86, or SDL.


WebPDA lets you view your palmdesk address book from a Web page. It is useful for publishing a directory or viewing your personal data under Linux or when you are away from home.

SyncEmacsToDo.pm: a Pilot-Manager conduit for todo-mode.el

The goal of this Emacs conduit is to just sync up the todo item descriptions and the categories.


Connecting a Palm Pilot to FreeBSD

This document outlines the procedures performed to connect a Palm V organiser to a FreeBSD machine for both Hot Sync'ing and psuedo dial-in connectivity using ...



p2z is a Perl tool that converts Palm Memo, ToDo, Addressbook and Datebook data to the Zaurus builtin applications.


strip2zsafe converts Strip account information from a Palm PDA to a ZSafe compatible textfile, for use with the Zaurus and other Linux PDAs.


Unix based PalmPilot Tools

Unix based PalmPilot Tools. This site by Michael Wiedmann contains also a FAQ about PALMs.

Linux and the PalmPilot

Linux and the PalmPilot.

Palm Pilot Computing Under Unix

Palm Pilot Computing Under Unix.

Conversion to Linux PDAs

A comparison of apps for Palm and Linux PDAs and how to convert data between them. For many other conversion tools search the string "conver" at this page.


IBM-AT Keyboard

A HOWTO (in German) to get an IBM-AT keyboard working with the PalmPilot.

Other Resources


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