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Newton XChange - nXchange

Newton to Linux connectivity tool. It provides a desktop interface for exchanging data between your Newton MessagePad or eMate and your desktop Linux workstation. nXchange [archived link] features:


The Newtonlink Project [archived link] is a program to transfer data between an Apple Newton PDA and Unix applications such as Xrolodex, Addressbook, Plan, Kjots, ksendfax, Xfmail and Netscape. You can also install and upload Newton packages to/from your Unix desktop. This site contains also the Newton-and-Linux HOWTO.


UnixNPI(http://unixnpi.sourceforge.net) is a package installer for NewtonOS-based handheld computers. It is written in C, should compile on most Unices (including Mac OS X), and currently communicates only via the serial port. It communicates with the built-in Dock/Connection app included in NewtonOS.

NewtonOS Resources

The NewtonOS Resources(http://www.chuma.org/newton/) provides a FAQ, a hardware survey and more.

The United Network of Newton Archives - UNNA(http://www.unna.org) provides a centrally-administered, highly organized file archive for freely available Newton related programs and related files.

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