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Linux Applications for Miscellaneous PDAs

Miscellaneous Apps


Newpods can help you sync recently downloaded podcasts to your portable device. It will look through a directory tree to find podcasts that have been downloaded since the last time the program was run. It will then insert two commands into the bash history list: one to pushd to the podcast directory on your portable device, so you can clean out old files as needed, and one to copy the new podcasts to your portable device. If you're tired of copying files by hand, but don't want to use a heavyweight GUI solution, newpods might be right for you.


pywincedb is a Python module to access native Windows CE databases and set of tools to manipulate them (conversion to/from XML, migration).

PERL Modules

CPAN 00modlist.long.html

::Db idpO Handle Psion palmtop computer database [..] IANPX
::DB cdpO Handle HP 200LX palmtop computer database GGONTER
::DBgui cdpO Tk base GUI for HP 200LX db files GGONTER


SyncLICE [archived link] (Sync Linux and CE) sets up a PPP connection over a serial line between a Linux box and a Windows CE device using pppd. Upon connection ipchain rules are created, giving the CE device a TCP/IP connection needed for communication.


Suricate makes the Meerkat open wire service usable on handheld devices, wireless email appliances, and interactive pagers. It is meant to address the needs of people that have email provided on their handheld devices but no Web access. Suricate will push the wire service content to the user. Suricate currently provides Meerkat content for several channels/profiles such as Apache, Linux, Mozilla, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Python, Wireless, and XML.

The Microwindows Project

Microwindows is an Open Source project aimed at bringing the features of modern graphical windowing environments to smaller devices and platforms. Microwindows allows applications to be built and tested on the Linux desktop, as well as cross-compiled for the target device. Microwindows' genesis was with the NanoGUI project, and has now been combined into a single distribution. The Win32/WinCE API implementation is known as Microwindows, and the Xlib-like API implementation is known as Nano-X.

Linux Ports

  • The page by Russell King about ARM Linux at ARM-Linux about PDAs with ARM CPU and with many links to other Linux related PDA sites.
  • AFAIK you can run Linux on the IBM PC110 (a tiny PC handheld that's no longer manufactured). There's a HOWTO on it running around somewhere but I don't have an URL, instead I found a description in LINUX REDUX July 1997 by Alan Cox.


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Applications for other PDAs you may find at Linux and PDAs.

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