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Linux PCMCIA/CF/CardBus Card Survey (sorted by Card Types)

Manufacturer/Type Model Linux Status2) More
10/100BaseT CF-Card, Typ I
Billionton CFLA2-100B works more
10/100BaseT, network, PC-Card
Typhoon Speed Net PC-Card works more
1000BaseT, CardBus
Conceptronic CSP100TCL works more
100BaseT, network
Conceptronic CON100CF works more
10in1 cardreader, PCMCIA
Conceptronic 10in1 CardReader/Writer C10RWC works more
IP WireLess Mobile Broadband PC-Card unknown more
Nikon Coolpix 100 Digital Camera doesn't work more
Belkin F8T002 doesn't work more
BlueTooth CF-Card, Typ I
Billionton CFBT02-B2 works more
BlueTooth, CF Card
Desma BlueTooth doesn't work more
BlueTooth, CF-Card
Conceptronic CBT100C unknown more
BlueTooth, PC Card
3COM / MegaHertz 3CRWB6096B works more
Addonics   works more
Archos MiniCD24 works more
Archos MiniCD24 Musik unknown more
Argosy CD986 32x probably works more
Freecom CD works more
IBM 20x Max unknown more
IOMagic Portable 24X CD-ROM unknown more
MicroTech International MicroCD 20X unknown more
Mobile Media   unknown more
PORT Inc. NW24XCD (Noteworthy) works more
Sony PCGA-CD51/A works more
Traveller 3220 works more
Argosy CD980 20x probably works more
Argosy CD976 16x probably works more
Argosy CD-Rewriter RW850P works more
Freecom Traveller CD-R/RW (Premium) works more
Panasonic (KME - Kyushu Matsushita Electronics) KXL-RW10A should work more
Freecom Traveller CD-RW works more
Hewlett-Packard CD-Writer+ M820e works more
Traxdata CD-RW unknown more
Sony CRX75A (PCMCIA)/ ACR-A01 works more
D-Link Air CF-Card Type I 802.11b
DLINK DCF-660W works more
Archos MiniDVD, PCMCIA should work more
Argosy external DVD drive, PCMCIA probably works more
Archos MiniDVD, CardBus doesn't work more
DVD, CardBus
Archos MiniDVD, CardBus doesn't work more
Argosy external DVD drive, CardBus doesn't work more
DeviceNet interface boards
SST 5136-DN-104 works more
SST 5136-DNP-104 works more
ECU (Electronic Control Unit), PC Card
DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik Aachen GmbH PCMCIA-VCI works more
EVDO, CardBus
Verizon AirPrime 5220 EDVO works more
Verizon PC5740 EDVO works more
FireWire, CardBus
Exsys EX-6600E works more
Belkin F5U512 works more
GPRS (DualBand), WLAN
Nokia D211, PC Card works more
GPRS, GSM (TriBand), radio
Option Globetrotter, PC Card works more
GPS, CF Card, Typ I
Billionton Navigation CF GPS works more
AVM Fritz GSM Card works more
Nokia Nokia Card Phone 2.0 works more
SAGEM Dr. Neuhaus Gipsy Card MNP (Sagem Gruppe) works more
AnyCom GS-320 Tri-Band GSM/GPRS works more
Fujitsu-Siemens Connect2Air works more
GSM/PCN/DCS (cellular only)
Com1 - ComOne Mobile Data PC Card unknown more
IEEE 802.11b 2.4 GHz DSSS, PC-Card
Gericom RealTek WLAN works more
AnyCom ECO ISDN works more
Apollo ISDN TA PC Card 128K doesn't work more
Elsa N.N. works more
LinkBoy D64K unknown more
SCM-Microsystems FMI ISDN-Adapter (Art.Nr 730-0020-02) 901109 ambiguous more
ISDN & analog modem
Elsa Microlink ISDN MC all pro doesn't work more
Xircom Realport2 ISDN doesn't work more
ISDN modem
CNet Power Mobile ISDN 128bps ISDN TA unknown more
ISDN modem, GSM ready
Com1 - ComOne MC222 (Platinium Card 2 in 1) unknown more
AVM Fritz Card PCMCIA works more
Typhoon Quick Com 128 unknown more
ISDN, active
Dialogic Communication Solutions (former Eicon Diehl) Diva Pro PC-Card unknown more
Elsa Microlink ISDN/MC all unknown more
Hermstedt Marco unknown more
Hypercope HYSDN Hycard unknown more
IBM ISDN-S0 Active 2000 unknown more
Telelink Cardline Dual unknown more
Telelink Cardline Twin unknown more
ISDN, active (GSM)
AVM Mobile ISDN Controller M1 unknown more
AVM Mobile ISDN Controller M2 unknown more
ISDN, active, PCMCIA
AVM ISDN Controller B1 PCMCIA unknown more
ISDN, passive
SAGEM Dr. Neuhaus NICCY Card 2000 plus unknown more
High Soft Tech Saphir II A doesn't work more
IBM Wave Runner PCMCIA ISDN or Modem unknown more
ICS I-Link 3.0 PCMCIA unknown more
ICS I-Link + 56k PCMCIA unknown more
ITK Pico unknown more
MPS ISLINE Note unknown more
NCP NCP Arrow PCMCIA unknown more
Racal Extol unknown more
Telelink SWOX Card unknown more
Teles S0 ISDN works more
Xircom CreditCard ISDN, CI-Euro unknown more
High Soft Tech Saphir II B works more
High Soft Tech Saphir II C doesn't work more
ISDN, passive, PCMCIA
AVM ISDN Controller A1 PCMCIA unknown more
AVM Fritz!Card PCMCIA unknown more
Multi PC-CARD Adapter
PIXO Media 4in1 Adapter 3902C517 works more
PCMCIA -> USB converter for 250 meg zip drive
Iomega N.N. works more
PCMCIA TO ATA/IDE Adapter, Type II, PCCard
DataFab External CD-Rom Drive (not included) PCMMD5X doesn't work more
RS 422
QuaTech SSP-200 unknown more
SCSI host adapter
Panasonic (KME - Kyushu Matsushita Electronics) SCSI-001-1 works more
New Media Bus Toaster SCSI II, Typ I unknown more
New Media Bus Toaster SCSI II, Typ II works more
New Media Bus Toaster SCSI II (AdvanceSys chip, model number or PN 404-15-02A, labelled ??, Typ II) doesn't work more
New Media Bus Toaster (unknown model, Toshiba HandyCard SCSI ?) doesn't work more
Toshiba HandyCard SCSI works more
Workbit NinjaSCSI-3 unknown more
SCSI host adapter (Fast-SCSI), PC Card
Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460 works more
Adaptec SlimSCSI APA-1460A works more
Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460B PC Card Fast-SCSI works more
SCSI host adapter (Ultra-SCSI), CardBus
Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480 (I) works more
Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480B (II) works more
SCSI host adapter, PC Card
Adaptec SlimSCSI APA-460 (Trantor) doesn't work more
SCSI, Ultra2Wide.Cardbus
Centos CI-4600U2B works more
SVGA, XGA port, CardBus
LaserGraphics Presentation Pro Image Enhancer unknown more
SmartCard, PCMCIA
OmniKey CardMan 4040 works more
SmartMedia reader
Dazzle (aka Zio Corporation) 4 in 1 Adapter works more
Roland SCP-55 doesn't work more
NovatelWireless Merlin U530 (aka E-Plus Online UMTS Notebook Card) works partly more
Option Vodafone Mobile Connect Card UMTS 3G/GPRS works more
Option Option GlobeTrotter Fusion Quad Lite 1.5.5 works more
Belkin USB BusPort Mobile unknown more
USB 2.0
Belkin F5U222 works more
Edimax EU-PC2P works more
USB 2.0, CardBus
DoTop USB 2.0 unknown more
Orange Micro USB 2.0 unknown more
IOGear GPU202 works more
USB, CardBus
Sunix CBU 2200N (NEC Chipset) works more
USB, CardBus, Type II
ConnectLand PCM-USB2-2 PORTS works more
WLAN 802.11b
Wistron NeWeb Corp. WLAN CB-200B works more
WLAN 802.11b/g, CardBus
TP-Link TL-WN510G works more
WLAN 802.11g
TRENDnet TEW-441PC works more
WLAN 802.11g, CardBus
Dick Smith DSE XH9945 works more
WLAN IEEE 802.11b
SAGEM Dr. Neuhaus FuryLan PCMCIA works more
WLAN IEEE802.11b
ASUS Spacelink WL-100 works more
BenQ AWL-100 works more
ZyXEL ZyAIR G-100 works more
Wireless 802.11b
Linksys WPC-11 works more
ZIP drive
Archos MiniZIP unknown more
ZIP drive 40MB
Iomega Clik!/PocketZip works more
analog modem
LUCENT 56K DataFax works more
analog modem, upgrade to ISDN possible
AnyCom HOT 56K works partly more
barcode scanner, PC Card
Socket Communications LS2104 unknown more
Socket Communications LS4004 unknown more
Digianswer BlueTooth Demo Card unknown more
Nokia Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-1 works more
bluetooth, CF Card
AmbiCom BT2000-CF works more
BrainBoxes BL-565 unknown more
Socket Communications Socket BlueTooth Card works more
AnyCom LSE039 works more
COMPAQ iPAQ BlueTooth/CF works more
bluetooth, PC Card
AmbiCom BT2000-PC unknown more
BrainBoxes BL-500 unknown more
Toshiba BlueTooth PC Card unknown more
BrainBoxes BL-620 works more
Com1 - ComOne MC310 Platinium BlueTooth PC Card doesn't work more
AnyCom LSE041 works more
bluetooth, UART
Sphinx Pico Card works more
SHARP CE-AG06 Digital Camera CF-Card works more
cardreader, PCMCIA
Conceptronic CardReader/Writer CCFC works more
combo: 10 + modem
3COM / MegaHertz 3CXEM556 works more
combo: 10/100 + 56K modem
3COM / MegaHertz 3CCFEM556B works more
combo: 10/100Mbit Ethernet card and 56K modem (no dongle version).
DLINK 560TXD works more
combo: 33.6Kbps Analog/PBX Modem, Ethernet, PC Card
Ositech Jack of Hearts 33.6k with DPI unknown more
combo: 33.6Kbps Modem, Ethernet, PC Card
Ositech Jack of Diamonds ambiguous more
combo: 56K Analog/PBX Modem, 10/100BaseTX, CardBus PC Card
Ositech Jack of Spades with DPI unknown more
combo: 56K Analog/PBX Modem, Ethernet, PC Card
Ositech Jack of Hearts 56K with DPI unknown more
combo: 56K modem, ethernet
Global Village PC Card 56K Fax/ Modem/ Ethernet ambiguous more
combo: 56K modem/10BaseT
Cadmus-Micro LM5LT-10C unknown more
combo: 56k modem with DPI & 10/100BaseTX
Ositech Trumpcard: JoS Ethernet works more
combo: GSM, ISDN, 33.6K Modem
TDK Global Pro ISDN 3600 works more
combo: ISDN (active) + V.90 modem
Dialogic Communication Solutions (former Eicon Diehl) Diva Mobile PC-Card works partly more
combo: ISDN / GSM / LAN?
Com1 - ComOne MC218 Communication Card 3 in 1 unknown more
combo: ISDN / modem analog / GSM / LAN
Com1 - ComOne MC220 (Platinium Card 4 in 1) works partly more
combo: ISDN / modem card
Fiberline IV128 works partly more
combo: ISDN,PSTN,GSM,LAN,(BlueTooth), PC-Card
Addion Multifunction PC-Card unknown more
combo: Modem, ISDN, GSM
TDK Global Pro ISDN V.90 works more
combo: V.90 modem, ethernet 10/100, PCMCIA
Micronet Kombo Modem SP136K unknown more
combo: ethernet + 56k Fax/Modem PC Card
Fiberline PCM-LM560 doesn't work more
combo: ethernet 10/100 + modem 56, CardBus
Xircom RealPort RBEM56G-100 works more
combo: ethernet 10/100, 56k modem, ISDN connection kit, CardBus
Xircom Realport works more
combo: ethernet 10BaseT, 56k modem
Unex MX101 works more
combo: ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseT, 56k V.90 fax modem
DLINK DMF-560TX works more
combo: ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX fax modem 56k
SMC 8034TX-56k works more
combo: ethernet 10BaseT/analog modem 56K
Silicom EtherModem PCMCIA card (SEM) works more
combo: ethernet 10BaseT/serial port
Silicom EtherSerial card (SES) works more
combo: ethernet 10Mbps + modem 33.6k
Dynalink L1433 VQC unknown more
combo: ethernet, modem
SiteCom Combo PC Card 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet / 56K Modem PCMCIA Card doesn't work more
AnyCom FastEtherModem CTR 21 CEO682X, CC1017 works more
combo: ethernet, modem 10/100, CardBus
PSION DACOM Gold Card NetGlobal 56K+10/100MB CardBus works more
combo: ethernet, modem 56K, PC Card, 5V
Xircom GlobalAccess CreditCard Ethernet 10/100+ Modem 56 (CEM56-100) works more
combo: fast ethernet 10/100, ISDN and GSM for NOKIA, Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson
TDK Pro Digital unknown more
combo: modem 10 ethernet
PSION DACOM Gold Card NetGlobal 56K+10MB works more
combo: modem, 10BaseT
SkyPort LM 560 unknown more
combo: modem, ISDN
SkyPort IV 128 unknown more
combo: modem, fax (GSM option), 10Base2/10BaseT, PC Card
TDK Global Networker 5670 works partly more
combo: network, 33.6Kbps modem
3COM / MegaHertz 3C562C/3C563C Etherlink III works more
combo: network, modem
Hayes ACCURA 336 V.34+Ethernet; Model Number - XT00US probably works more
Abocom Abocom LN450 works more
Apollo RE450CT 10M Ethernet BNC & UTP Combo PC Card works more
Atelco (German Distributor) NoName (E2000), no information about manufacturer at or in the box works more
Bausch Datacom 10Mbps LAN (also known under the name Abocom LN450) works more
Fiberline 10M Ethernet COMBO FL-4680 works more
IBM EtherJet PC Card ambiguous more
PSION DACOM Gold Card Ethernet works more
PSION DACOM Gold Card Ethernet V34 works more
Simple Technology   unknown more
SMC 8016C unknown more
SureCom EP-428X 10/100 unknown more
SureCom EP-427 works more
CompuShack PCMCIA Combo works more
ethernet 10 BaseT
Compex ReadyLink 10 Mbps works more
LevelOne EPC-0100TB works more
ethernet 10/100 BaseT
Billionton 100BaseTx Fast Ethernet unknown more
Fiberline PCM-FE 1500, 16 Bit 10/100 Fast Ethernet works more
Techworks LPC3-TX unknown more
SkyPort FE 1000 PC should work more
SiteCom Fast Ethernet PC Card 10/100 Mbps works more
ethernet 10/100 BaseT, 16-bit PC Card
CNet CNF-301 works partly more
Belkin F5d5020 works more
ethernet 10/100 BaseTX CardBus Fast Ethernet PC Card
Ositech Seven of Spades unknown more
ethernet 10/100 BaseTX FastEthernet PC Card with EtherBoost(TM)
Ositech Seven of Diamonds unknown more
ethernet 10/100, CardBus
3COM / MegaHertz 3CCFE575CT works more
FE2000 series N.N. works more
IBM 10/100 Mbit EtherJet Cardbus works more
UMAX 250TX works more
Xircom Realport2 works more
Argosy EN 235 should work more
AnyCom ECO CardBus 10/100, P/N:LNR-100N3-CRF doesn't work more
LinkPRO TL-5320cb works more
ethernet 10/100, PCMCIA
Micronet LAN Card 10/100MBit unknown more
ethernet 10/100BaseT
CNet CNF-301 works more
DLINK DFE-650TX works more
Billionton LNRDL-100B works more
KTI PF-16 works more
ethernet 10/100BaseT, CF Card, Typ I
Socket Communications Low Power Ethernet CF-Card 10/100BaseT, CF Card works more
ethernet 10/100BaseT, CardBus
3COM / MegaHertz 3CXFE575BT, formerly known as 3C575-TX probably works more
IBM 10/100 Etherjet Cardbus works more
Abocom FE-2500MX works more
SMC 8035TX works more
ethernet 10/100BaseT, PC Card
DLINK DFE-670TXD works more
ethernet 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet PC Card, CardBus
AmbiCom AMB8100 works more
ethernet 10/100Mbps-Card RJ45, 16Bit, PC Card
GVC NP0335 works more
ethernet 10/100Mbps-Card RJ45, 32Bit, CardBus
GVC NP0337 works more
ethernet 10/100T
CNet CNF-401 works more
ethernet 100BaseTX
TDK Network Flyer (TM) unknown more
Billionton LNR-100B2 works more
ethernet 100Mbit
Mentor N.N. should work more
ethernet 100Mbps, CardBus
AmbiCom CB100-EZ (EzPort) works more
ethernet 10Base2/10BaseT
Gericom RE450CT 10M Ethernet works more
ethernet 10Base2/10BaseT (BNC)
AnyCom ECO Ethernet works more
ethernet 10Base2/10BaseT, PC Card
NSTL PCMCIA Ethernet Adaptor works more
ethernet 10Base2/10BaseT, PCMCIA
ACCTON Ethernet PCMCIA Card ambiguous more
Micronet LAN Combo Card 10MBit unknown more
Dynalink L10BC works more
ethernet 10BaseT
Acorp A-10PC aka EP100 works more
Silicom Ethernet card (SPE) works more
Farallon Ethernet PC Card Etherwave/Ethermac works more
ethernet 10BaseT BNC/RJ45
Xircom CreditCard 10BaseT CE/10 doesn't work more
Xircom CreditCard 10BaseT CE2-10 ambiguous more
ethernet 10BaseT, CF Card
Kingston Technology Compact I/O Ethernet Adapter CIO10T works more
Xircom CompactCard Ethernet 10 should work more
Xircom Compact Card Ethernet 10, CFE10 works more
Planex Communications Inc. - PCI Ethernet Adapter Card CF-10T works more
ethernet 10BaseT, CF Card, Typ I
Socket Communications Low Power Ethernet CF-Card 10BaseT, CF Card works more
ethernet 10BaseT, PCMCIA
LinkPRO TL-5200 works more
ethernet 10BaseT/ 100BaseTX
Xircom RE-100BTX ambiguous more
ethernet 10BaseT/100Base-TX, CardBus
3COM / MegaHertz 3C575-TX Fast EtherLink X works more
ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseT, PCMCIA
SMC 8040TX works more
ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX
AnyCom ECO Ethernet 10/100, CC1016 works more
E-Tech PCMCIA 100 works more
ACCTON Cheetah EN2228 works partly more
Dynalink L100C16 should work more
ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX, PC Card
Fiberline FL-FE1600 works more
ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX, PCMCIA
W-LINX LinxPRO Ethernet PC Card should work more
ethernet 10BaseT/10Base2
3COM / MegaHertz 3CCE589ET MegaHertz LAN 10Mbps works more
CNet CN-40BC works more
Toshiba TPCENET works more
ethernet 10BaseT/10Base2, PC Card
3COM / MegaHertz 3C589C EtherLink III LAN works more
ethernet 10Mbps
Billionton LNT-10TB works more
Dynalink L10C works more
ethernet 10Mbps Ethernet PC Card with Etherboost(TM)
Ositech Four of Diamonds works more
ethernet 10Mbps, PC Card, 5V
3COM / MegaHertz 10Mbps LAN 3CCE589EC works more
ethernet, CardBus
Gericom PCMPC200 works more
Xircom CBE-10/100 BTX doesn't work more
ethernet, fibre optic
TDK Ethernet 2230 unknown more
fast ethernet 10/100BaseT
New Media Live Wire works more
fast ethernet, CardBus
CNet CNF-401 unknown more
NetGear FA510C 1) works more
NetGear FA510C 2) works more
SMC Extreme doesn't work more
fax / modem
AnyCom ECO II 56K works more
fingerprint sensor
Toshiba BioTouch PC Card Typ II, PA3066E-1PCC unknown more
ADS Technologies Pyro 1394DV Cardbus works more
firewire IEEE 1394, CardBus
IOI IOI-CBI1394 unknown more
firewire, IEEE 1394
Margi 1394-To-Go unknown more
RATOC REX-CBFW1U unknown more
Conceptronic CON11394C works more
firewire, IEEE 1394, CardBus
Billionton IEEE 1394 unknown more
fixed disk
DataFab FA-CFIISD works more
HaSoTec FG30 doesn't work more
Imperx VCE-B5A01 works more
global GSM & cellular modem, PC Card
3COM / MegaHertz 3CXM756 works more
3COM / MegaHertz 3CXM756 works more
Toshiba Flip Disk 4.3GB works more
Toshiba 2GB Type II PC Card HDD, PA3079U should work more
Archos Mini HDD 6GB PC Card works more
harddisk, 1024MB CF Card Typ II
IBM MicroDrive MD1024 probably works more
harddisk, 2.2GB CF Card Typ II
MagicStore HDD 2.2GB works more
harddisk, 260MB PCMCIA Typ II
Calluna CC2003 probably works more
harddisk, 2GB PCMCIA Typ II
Toshiba MK2001MPL probably works more
harddisk, 340MB CF Card Typ II
IBM MicroDrive MD340 works more
harddisk, 512MB CF Card Typ II
IBM MicroDrive MD512 probably works more
harddisk, 650MB PCMCIA Typ II
Calluna CC2004 probably works more
harddisk, PC Card
Argosy Portable USB-PCMCIA Harddisk HD530 (HD530P, HD530U, HD530D) works more
infrared card
IRDATA IRCARD unknown more
infrared serial card
IBM (Japan)   unknown more
infrared serial, PC Card
Socket Communications   unknown more
memory 16MB, CF Card
Kodak Kodak Picture Card 16MB works more
memory 32MB, CF Card
Apacer AP-CF03211 works more
memory 48MB, CF Card
NoName 48 MB Compact Flash works more
memory 4MB
SHARP ID24 Fast doesn't work more
memory 4MB Fast Flash Card
SMART SM9FA2043IP280 works more
SMART SM9FCSC4M001 works more
memory 64MB, CF Card
NoName 64MB CF Card works more
Kingston Technology Storage Card CF Card 64MB works more
SanDisk SDCFB-8 8MB CF Card works more
memory 8MB, CF Card
Canon FC-8M works more
SanDisk SDCFB-8 8MB CF Card works more
memory stick
Sony Memory Stick/PC Card Adapter MSAC-PC2 works more
memory, CF Card
Epson Compact Flash works more
misc. cards
DLINK all models misc. more
MegaHertz (3COM) misc. models misc. more
Olicom   unknown more
Tamarack misc. PCMCIA Cards unknown more
Xircom all cards misc. more
misc. serial cards
CSM SIO-Cards: RS232C, RS422, RS485, TTL unknown more
misc. video capture, video conference and sound cards
Nogatech   unknown more
3COM / MegaHertz XJ4288 Megahertz works more
Askey Askey Magic VQC+1456 PCMCIA or MagicXpress MX56PCM works more
ClipperCom N.N. works more
Com1 - ComOne MC220 Platinium Liberty V.90 unknown more
Datalink 56K unknown more
Elsa Microlink 56k MC-Peacock DF5660 works more
LASAT Communications A/S, DK Credit 144 Fax Modem probably works more
New Link TOP 56 probably works more
Nokia Card Phone, GSM (V1.0) works more
Nokia Cellular Data Card works more
PSION DACOM Gold Card Global 56K+Fax (GSM+ISDN Ready) works more
PSION DACOM Gold Card V34 works more
PSION DACOM Gold Card V32bis works more
Vobis/Highscreen Internet Modem 56K V.90 PCMCIA (Art. Nr. 663471) doesn't work more
LASAT Communications A/S, DK PCMCIA Fax Modem Credit II works more
Gericom modem 56K V.90 works more
Trust Computer Products (Aashima Technology B.V., Netherlands) 56k PC Card Modem I doesn't work more
Gericom FM560 V.90 K56flex 56K Fax/Modem works more
TDK TDK Series 6100, GSM Data Card + Combination Serial Adapter works more
Logicode Technology Inc. QUICKTEL (TM) PCMCIA VOICE FAX MODEM (14,400bps) Class 1 Fax works more
LASAT Communications A/S, DK Credit 336 Fax Modem works more
Elsa Modem 56K MC Internet works more
Askey Askey 1456VQC - T5 Magic Xpress doesn't work more
Texas Instruments 28.8 Speakerphone PC-Card Modem, model WinMax34SP(tm) doesn't work more
MultiTech Systems High Speed Data/Fax Modem 14.4bps V.32bis/V.42bis/V.17 MultiModemLT P/N: MT1432LTI works more
Com1 - ComOne MC227 Platinium V.90 works more
Trust Computer Products (Aashima Technology B.V., Netherlands) 56k PC Card Modem II works more
modem 33.6
Option International OP-PCMCIA 60 probably works more
modem 33.6K
IBM 33.6 Kbps International Data-Fax Modem works more
modem 33.6K, PC Card
Ositech Five of Diamonds with DPI 33.6Kbps Data/Fax/Cellular Modem PC Card with DPI(TM). more
modem 33.6K, fax
Askey Askey 1428VQC - T5 works more
modem 33.6K, fax, PCMCIA
DynaMode 1428VQC-R5 should work more
modem 33K, PC Card, 5V
Xircom CreditCard Ethernet+Modem 33.6 (CEM33) works more
modem 56K
Creative DI5615 works more
NetComm CardModem 56 V.90 (CM3466) works more
Option International OP-PCMCIA 70 probably works more
Silicom Modem56 (MPC) works more
ZOOM Model 2975L, 56K-Modem (ZOOM PC CARD DUAL MODE) works more
GVC FM560LK works more
Apollo (Intelligent) 56K Fax/Modem PC Card works more
modem 56K ISDN
Option International OP-PCMCIA 70 unknown more
modem 56K voice/fax
Pace Micro Communications / Pace Consumer Electronics (Pace) NB 56 Voice works more
modem 56K, CardBus
Com1 - ComOne MC221 (Platinium Discovery 56K) ambiguous more
modem 56K, PC Card
Ositech Five of Clubs unknown more
modem 56K, PC Card Modem
Ositech Five of Hearts with DPI unknown more
modem 56K, V.90
SkyPort FM 560 should work more
modem 56K, fax
Billionton FM56R doesn't work more
Fiberline PCM-FM560 works more
modem 56K, fax class 1 & 2, PCMCIA
DynaMode MQ4FM560 should work more
modem 56K, fax class, flash memory, PCMCIA
DynaMode 1456VQC-T2 should work more
modem 56K, fax, PC Card
Fiberline PCM-FM560CB ambiguous more
Gericom V.90 K56flex works more
modem 56K, v.90
Global Village   works more
modem 56k/V.92, PCMCIA
Conceptronic C56CLS works more
modem V.90 & 56K
ActionTec FM560LKI unknown more
modem card data/fax modem 56K, PC Card
Com1 - ComOne MC220 (Platinium Card) works more
modem cell phone and normal line
3COM / MegaHertz 3CXM556 Megahertz works more
modem, PC Card
ActionTec FM560LK 56K DataLink PC Card Fax Modem works more
PSION DACOM Gold Card Global V34 works more
Trust Computer Products (Aashima Technology B.V., Netherlands) Communicator 56K PC Card works more
modem, PC Card, Type II
ACEEX Corp. NoName PCMCIA FaxModem DM-2814PC works more
modem, PCMCIA
Argosy FM 56C, Fax/Modem Card 56Kbps V.90 should work more
LongShine LCS-8560P works more
modem, PCMCIA PC Card
Courier (USRobotics) 33,600 V.Everything with V.34 Data Faxmodem should work more
KeepInTouch(TM), (AT&T) EXPRESS 14.4 DATA/FAX MODEM, model 3760-B1-261 A should work more
modem, fax
3COM / MegaHertz CC-XJ1336 Megahertz unknown more
modem, fax (GSM option)
TDK Global Class 3310 works more
modem, serial, V.90 & 56Kflex
Compex Linkport comm 56-E, RCDL56ACFL Fax Modem works more
3COM / MegaHertz 3C589B Etherlink III works more
DLINK DE 660 works more
Edimax EP-4103 works more
Eiger EigerNet EPX-ET 10TZ works more
LUCENT WaveLAN Turbo 11 Mb Silver works more
RPTI RP-1625B works more
TDK Ethernet 2400 unknown more
Premax (now ActionTec) PE-200 probably works more
network 10 BaseT/10Base2
RPTI RPTI-EP401 Ethernet Card works more
network 10/100
PrimeXpress PX-100CB works more
network 10/100Mbits
Genius MF3000 works more
Yorn SoftPotch works more
Hamlet PC Cards FE1500 - 10/100M - Fast Ethernet 16bit PC Card works more
network 10/100Mbps, CardBus
NetGear FA510 works more
network 10Base2/10baseT
3COM / MegaHertz 3CXE589DT (3C589D) works more
network 10BaseT
Billionton CFLT-10B works more
network 10BaseT/100baseTX
Billionton LNA-100B should work more
network token ring
3COM / MegaHertz 3C619B unknown more
AnyCom Turbo Token Ring 16/4 works more
Madge Networks TMS380TR unknown more
Misc. Manufacturers misc. token ring 1 ambiguous more
Misc. Manufacturers misc. token ring 2 ambiguous more
Olicom   works more
Olicom oc-3221 v.28.6, Token Ring GoCard unknown more
Xircom CreditCard Token Ring unknown more
network, 10/100
Dynalink L100CLV works more
Cheap One ? PC CARD 88190 should work more
network, 10/100Base-TX, PCMCIA
MicroNetWork Fast Ethernet PC-Card works more
network, 10/100BaseT
Kingmax Technology BEN0100-DF works more
Kingmax Technology KEN-0100-AF works more
NetGear FA410TX works more
NetGear FA410TX (newer model) works more
NetGear FA410TXC unknown more
Apollo FE1500 works more
Linksys EtherFast 10/100 PCMPC100 works more
network, 10/100BaseT, CardBus
3COM / MegaHertz 3CXFE575CT works more
Conceptronic CON100TC works more
Linksys EtherFast 10/100 PCMPC200 (I) works more
DLINK DFE680-TX works more
Linksys EtherFast 10/100 PCMPC200 (II) works more
Conceptronic CON100TCL works more
Conceptronic SP100TCL works more
network, 10/100BaseT, CardBus (32bit)
DLINK DFE 660 TX (very similar to Linksys EtherFast 10/100) works more
DLINK DFE 690 TXD works more
network, 10/100BaseT, PC Card
PSION DACOM 10/100 LANGLOBAL doesn't work more
network, 100/100BaseT, PCMCIA
NetGear FA411 works more
network, 100/10BaseT
Realtek 8139B works more
network, 100BaseT
Trendware TE100-PC16 works more
network, 100BaseTX, CardBus
Allied Telesyn AT-2800TX works more
network, 100Mbit, modem, PCMCIA
Micronet (TW) SP136T v2 works more
network, 10Base2/10BaseT
Linksys EC2T works more
network, 10BaseT
IBM EtherJet PC Card Version U11 85H4801 ambiguous more
network, 10BaseT, CF Card, Type I
Billionton CF 10Base Ethernet Adapter works more
network, 10BaseT, CardBus
INTEL EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 Mobile Adapter 32bit CardBus works more
network, 10BaseT/100BaseT
Linksys EtherFast Integrated 10/100 PCM200 works more
network, 10BaseT/100BaseTX2
LevelOne FPC-0103TX 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet CardBus LAN works more
network, 10BaseT/10Base2
LANTECH NWK-PCMCIA probably works more
LevelOne FPC-0102TX works more
network, IEEE802.11, IEEE802.11b, DSSS - wireless
Elsa AirLancer MC-11 works more
network, wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11b/g, 54Mbps, CardBus
NetGear WG511 (I) works more
Rolodex Rex 3000 Organizer doesn't work more
parallel port EPP
QuaTech SPP-100 unknown more
passive ISDN, PC Card
Elsa Microlink ISDN/MC works more
passive? ISDN
Sedlbauer Speed Star/Speed Star 2 ambiguous more
MaxPoint TravelScan unknown more
Siemens Mobile Connector for E100 Handy works more
serial port
Silicom Serial card (SRS) works more
serial ports, two RS232
QuaTech DSP-100 (QLYNX) unknown more
serial, CF-Card
COMPAQ FB CFVFM-5614RD, P/N:148909-B21.TL-WN510G works more
smart media adapter
Simple Technology smart media adapter works more
MicroTech International PCD-47B SmartMedia adapter works more
sound, CardBus
RME HDSP9652 works more
sound, type 2
Communication Automation Corporation - CAC Bullet II works more
sound, type 3
Communication Automation Corporation - CAC Bullet III works more
Digigram VX Pocket v2 works more
soundcard 16bit
IOMagic TEMPO doesn't work more
soundcard, 24-Bit-AD/DA-Converter
Digigram VX Pocket 440 works more
tv card
NOTEWORTHY Notebook TV unknown more
DLINK DWL-500 works more
PSION DACOM bluetooth unknown more
unknown, 10Base2 / 10BaseT?
3COM / MegaHertz 3CCFE574BT works more
unknown, 10Base2 / 10BaseT?, CardBus
3COM / MegaHertz 3CCFE574 unknown more
unknown, 10BaseT / 100BaseTX?
3COM / MegaHertz 3C574-TX works more
unknown, CardBus
3COM / MegaHertz 3CCFE575BT works more
usb 2.0
Conceptronic CSP480C3 works more
usb 2.0, CardBus
Global Sources/IT-Saw UB-502 works more
GoodWay UB502, UB504 works more
usb 2.0, PC-Card
Conceptronic CSP480C2 works more
I-O Data Device Inc. CFXGA VGA, CF-Card works more
Winnov Videum Traveler works more
video capture card
IBM IBM Smart Capture works more
video card
Margi DVD-To-Go works more
video card, ZV
Billionton DVD-To-Go works more
wireless 11 Mbit/s
SMC SMC2632W works more
wireless 11 Mbit/s, CF Card
SMC SMC2642wW works more
wireless 11Mb/s
SpeedTouch (Thomson) SpeedTouch 110 works more
wireless 802.11b
Planex Communications Inc. - PCI GW-NS11S works more
wireless 802.11b, CF-Card, Type I
Planex Communications Inc. - PCI GW-CF11X works more
wireless 802.11g
SMC SMC 2835W works partly more
Motorola WireLess Network Adapter WN825G works more
wireless LAN
BreezeCom ?? N.N. works more
Nokia C020 WLAN Card works more
NovatelWireless Ricochet PC Card unknown more
RayLink   works more
Siemens MobilePort unknown more
WaveLAN (and other manufacturers of wireless LANs) wireless LAN misc. more
WaveLAN WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11 works more
WebGear Aviator works more
ZCOM LaneScape XI300 works more
ZOOM ZoomAir-4000 unknown more
3COM / MegaHertz 3CRWE737A AirConnect works more
Buffalo Airconnect 11Mbps PCMCIA Card WLI-PCM-L11 works more
wireless LAN 11Mbps
Linksys Instant Wireless Network PC Card works more
wireless LAN 802.11
Farallon Skyline unknown more
wireless LAN 802.11a, CardBus
ActionTec 802CA works more
NetGear HA501 works more
Proxim Harmony 8450 works more
SMC 2735W works more
Sony PCWA-C500 works more
I-O Data Device Inc. WN-A54/PCM works more
ICOM SL-50 works more
wireless LAN 802.11b
3COM / MegaHertz 3CRWE62092A works more
Micronet SP905B works more
wireless LAN 802.11b, PCMCIA
Proxim Harmony 8430 works more
wireless LAN, 108Mbps, CardBus
NetGear WG511T (II) works more
wireless LAN, 11MBit, 2GHz, PC-Card
NetGear MA401RA works more
wireless LAN, 802.11b (11Mbps)
NetGear MA701 works more
wireless LAN, PCMCIA
ARtem ARtem Onair ComCard CC-W11-STD-PC-ETS-128 (with fix antenna, ETS-standard, 128 bit key) works more
ARtem ARtem Onair ComCard CC-W11-STD-PC-ETS-64 (with fix antenna, ETS-standard, 64 bit key) works more
ARtem ARtem Onair ComCard CC-W11-EMB-PC-ETS-128 (with connectors for an antenna, ETS-standard, 128 bit key) works more
ARtem ARtem Onair ComCard CC-W11-EMB-PC-ETS-64 (with connectors for an antenna, ETS-standard, 64 bit key) works more
OvisLink Airlive WL-1100PCM works more
wireless PCMCIA LAN
Aironet 4500/4800/(340/350) series works more
wireless ethernet
DLINK DWL-650 (rebadged WaveLAN) works more
DLINK DRC-650 (NetEasy) works more
wireless ethernet, 802.11a/b/g, PCMCIA
DLINK DWL-AG650 (H/W:A2) works more
wireless ethernet/modem
Proxim RangeLAN2 and Symphony doesn't work more
Proxim Symphony ambiguous more
wireless lan 802.11, PC-Card
Cabletron CableTron RoamAbout CSIBD-AA works more
wireless lan, CF-Card
Belkin AirLiveWL-1100CF Prism III, F5D6060 works more
wireless, CF Card, Typ I
Socket Communications Low Power Wireless LAN CF Card works more
wireless, IEEE802.11b
No Wires Needed 11 MBPS Wireless LAN PC Card Unknown Linux status. NWN has been aquired by Intersil. more
wireless, PC Card
Apple AirPort works more
MicroSoft MN-520 works more
wlan CF-Card
AmbiCom WL1100C WireLess LAN CF-Card ambigous more
wlan, 802.11g, 54Mbps, CardBus
Edimax EW-7108PCg works more
wlan, PC Card
SiteCom WL-011 works more
zoomed video capture card
IREZ CapSure unknown more


If not otherwise stated the Linux status is concerning x86 machines. I'm very much interested to get more reports of PCMCIA devices used with non Intel based hardware (e.g. PowerPC, ARM) and with other UniXes (e.g. BSD, Solaris, ..).

The Linux status of the PCMCIA card models reported above, is changing and improving. Therefore, if a PCMCIA card is reported as "unsupported" you should give it a try. Why is this survey valuable though: To encourage people which want to buy a "working" stated card (remember: no guarantees) and to collect technical information (what chips are used) about different models.

To get information about how to get an unsupported card to work and a survey of other resources see my tips and tricks.

Call for Help

This page features a collection of "Linux Supported PCMCIA Cards". Which are not yet in the SUPPORTED.CARDS database by David Hinds.

If you like to contribute your experiences with your PCMCIA (PC-Card or CardBus) card (or SmartCard, FlashCard, Compact-Card) and Linux, I would gladly appreciate your help. It seems also useful if you report a card, which doesn't work. You may use the form or write directly to me. This page is visited by many visitors, so I suppose every reported card is a great assistance to many Linux users. Currently there are 553 entries. Let's make it even bigger ;-)

You may also help by linking to this page.

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