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Manufacturer URL Example: http://www.3com.com

Manufacturer Name *) Example: 3COM

Model *) Example: 3CCFE575BT

Card Type *) Example: network, 10BaseT

Linux Status *)

If you submit a card, which doesn't work, please explain what
approaches you have done to get it to work and how they failed.

Description in Detail *) Example: does not require special drivers for x86 machines

Output of 'cardctl ident' *) Example:
product info: "3Com Corporation", "3CCFE575BT", "LAN Cardbus Card", "001"
manfid: 0x0101, 0x5157
function: 6 (network)

Name If you don't want your name or address in the credits please skip this entry.


Werner Heuser <wehe_at_tuxmobil.org>

*) required fields

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