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PCMCIA/CardBus/CF-Card Linux Survey: Socket Communications Low Power Wireless LAN CF Card

Socket Communications
card name:
Low Power Wireless LAN CF Card
card type:
wireless, CF Card, Typ I
Linux status:
works on x86 and ARM with Linux PDAs (FCC ID-ID: H9PLA4137P, MAC 00:A0:F8:..:..:). See CypherPunks for Linux PDA infos (IPK package). There are tools for: - Managed mode - Ad-hoc mode - WEP - RF Monitor mode (kismet). You'll need to have a kernel that supports Wireless Extensions to handle the last three. This cards seems to be also sold under the Symbol brand. Attention: newer models (manufactured since October 2003) seem not yet to be supported by Linux.
product info: "Socket", "CF+ LP WLAN Card Rev A", "1.00"
manfid: 0x0104, 0x0001
function: 6 (network)

conf file:
(under construction)
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