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card name:
card type:
ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX
Linux status:
should work
The AX88190 chipset is supported since PCMCIA-CS 3.1.27 by the axnet_cs module, maybe you have to add an entry to /etc/pcmcia/config.opts. "Should be a NE2000 comp. card, but pcnet gives : AX88190 chipset is not supported. Unable to read hardware net address. Also hardcoding the MAC address doesn't work. The lnax.o driver from the disk gives unresolved symbols (created for RH6)." [C]smc91c92_cs: Yikes! Bad chip signature![G-M], but see new developments in PCMCIA-CS package >= 3.1.27
product info: "Dynalink", "L100C16", "V", "1.0"
manfid: 0x021b, 0x0202
function: 6 (network)

Cyclon <cyclon_at_wxs.nl>, G-M <g-melon_at_tiscalinet.be>
conf file:
(under construction)
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