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card name:
RPTI-EP401 Ethernet Card
card type:
network 10 BaseT/10Base2
Linux status:
works for me with kernel 2.2.6 and PCMCIA-CS 3.0.9, without any changes, for earlier versions I had to set up /etc/pcmcia/config.opts according to the output of cardctl and loading 8390.o module (card emulates NE2000) (maybe Olidata( (sold as a noname product, card is marked PCMCIA-Ethernet at the frontside and a paper labelled EP-401 <Serial-Nr.> at the backside)
product info: "RPTI", "EP401 Ethernet NE2000 Compatible", "CISV100??0SL"

function: 6 (network)

own research
conf file:
(under construction)
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