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card name:
CD-Writer+ M820e
card type:
Linux status:
works sort of, see Portable CD Writers with Linux "The PCMCIA card in question carries the label 'CD-RW PC Card'. Nothing else (besides HP's logo, of course). There is no technical specification. There is a switch on the card with two possible positions. One is labelled 'CardBus'. This should be the position for Windows 9x, according to the Setup - Instruction. The other position is labelled '16 bit' , for Windows NT. I've tried both positions and loaded all possible SCSI modules under Linux without success. Then I switched to ADAPTEC's SlimSCSI 1460D card and everything works fine with the aha152x_cs - module loaded.", see Ninja driver (nin_cs)(http://www.netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp/~yokota/izumi/ninja/) and KME PCMCIA card, too. Only one terminated SCSI2 connector, so must be the last device on the chain. (model number C4450-61200)
product info: "KME    ", "SCSI-CARD-001", "1"
manfid: 0x0032, 0x2604

PCI id: 0x1145, 0xf007
CT 7/2000 p. 154(http://www.heise.de/ct/) and N.N.
conf file:
(under construction)
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