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Com1 - ComOne(http://www.com1.fr/)
card name:
MC220 (Platinium Card 4 in 1)
card type:
combo: ISDN / modem analog / GSM / LAN
Linux status:
works partly
."The ISDN and LAN functions for MC218 and MC220 are passive functions ('software functions'). This mean a large part of the work is done by huge softwares parts. There's _no_ driver compatible.", "Compatible for modes PSTN and GSM (WW.L23, WW.L55). Not compatible with Linux for modes ISDN, LAN." see Com1 White Papers(http://www.com1-support.com/wpapers/index.html). The card is supported ONLY as modem, NOT as network card! manufacturer Linux information(http://www.com1-support.com/wpapers/index.php?local=uk&frame_src=linux.htm).

Etienne Bres <etienne.bres_at_freesbee.fr>, Maxxer <io_at_maxxer.it>
conf file:
(under construction)
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