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PCMCIA/CardBus/CF-Card Linux Survey: Com1 - ComOne MC220 (Platinium Card 4 in 1)

Com1 - ComOne
card name:
MC220 (Platinium Card 4 in 1)
card type:
combo: ISDN / modem analog / GSM / LAN
Linux status:
works partly
."The ISDN and LAN functions for MC218 and MC220 are passive functions ('software functions'). This mean a large part of the work is done by huge softwares parts. There's _no_ driver compatible.", "Compatible for modes PSTN and GSM (WW.L23, WW.L55). Not compatible with Linux for modes ISDN, LAN." see Com1 White Papers. The card is supported ONLY as modem, NOT as network card! manufacturer Linux information.

Etienne Bres <etienne.bres_at_freesbee.fr>, Maxxer <io_at_maxxer.it>
conf file:
(under construction)
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