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3COM / MegaHertz(http://www.3com.com)
card name:
card type:
ethernet 10/100, CardBus
Linux status:
"don't have a 100Mbps LAN to test on, but 10Mbps works perfectly out-of-the-box"[DG], "I'd just like to report the full success of 3COM MegaHertz 3CCFE575CT card under Linux (RH 6.2) in 100MB network. It just works without problems with standard PCMCIA-CS package."[SVU] "I am using this card on my SuSE-7.0 and it works out of the box either with 10 or 100Mbps pretty fine. I am constantly switching between both modes at work and home." [MK]
product info: "3Com Corporation", "3CCFE575CT", "LAN Cardbus Card", [..]
manfid: 0x0101,0x5257
function: 6 (network)

<Duncan Gibb> DuncanGibb_at_ultramail.co.uk <Sergey V. Udaltsov> sergey.oudaltsov_at_clients.ie
Michael Karbach <michael_at_karbach.org>
Michael Karbach(http://www.karbach.org)
conf file:
(under construction)
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