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The Billionton 10/100BaseT CF-Card CFLA2-100B works with Linux. Save this as billionton_cfla2_100b.conf and restart the service PCMCIA:

card "Billionton CompactFlash 10/100 Base FastEthernet"
    manfid 0x021b, 0x0202
    bind "pcnet_cs"

You might notice that this manfid already exists in /etc/pcmcia/config, but the entries there did not respond to an insertion of the card.

In an Apple PowerBook with kernel 2.6.11 the driver "axnet_cs" is needed. "pcnet_cs" also seems to work on first sight, but it was not possible to set up a successful connection with that driver. "axnet_cs" is also recommended by SUPPORTED_CARDS from the PCMCIA-CS package. For x86 machines the card works with the "pcnet_cs" driver.

In a Zaurus SL-5500G with kernel 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedded the situation is different. The driver axnet_cs was copied from Handhelds.org(http://familiar.handhelds.org/familiar/feeds/unstable/packages/armv4l/) (but the modules seems to be gone now).

- With Openzaurus 3.5.2 the device can be used only once per boot, because the driver fails to unload and does crazy things. At re-insertion, new devices are created until eth2 is reached. All devices from eth0 to eth2 stay there, regardless if the card is inserted or not and the driver is unloadable. It is impossible to set up a new successful connection. The only way to fix the situation for the user is to reboot the Z.

- With Sharp ROM 3.13 the Z completely freezes when using "axnet_cs" and trying to set up a connection. But it works with "pcnet_cs", so adjust the .conf accordingly. One drawback is, that sometimes you cannot disconnect by software, an error message appears and the network applet does not let you disconnect anymore. The solution is to unplug the card and insert it again.

Output of cardctl ident:

product info: "CF", "100Base-Ethernet", "V", "1.0"
manfid: 0x021b, 0x0202
function: 6 (network)

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