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TuxMobil News (HTML/RDF/RSS)

The TuxMobil News feed contains news about Unix and its derivatives (BSD, Linux, Solaris, ..) on laptops and notebooks, on handheld computers (HPCs) and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and on mobile devices in general (watches, calculators, wearables, embedded systems). Also news about mobile computing in general, if there is a relation to Linux in some way and connectivity from mobile devices to Linux machines. Just point your news ticker to:


News Submissions

To submit mobile Unix news write to the e-mail address below or use the submit form.

Werner Heuser <wehe_at_tuxmobil.org>

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You may incorporate the TuxMobil News feed into your webdesign for free. But you are required to provide a visible link to this page inside the quotation of the feed. It would be nice if you tell me, when you make use of it. You will get a referral in the list below. Also if you encounter problems or need other formats just let me know.

TuxMobil News
· Alchemy OS - MIDlet which creates an operating environment inside a mobile phone (2.1.6)
· SecuXabber - secure Jabber-client for Android (0.81)
· Babel - distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 (1.4.3)
· Pride - combines bash scripts, zenity, ant, ImageMagick, and Android SDK to create an alternative to Eclipse (1.5.8)
· SlashDot: OpenPhoenux Neo900 Bills Itself As Successor To Nokia's N900

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