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Microsoft Tax - Refunds for Linux Laptops, Notebooks & PDAs

You might be entitled to a refund for Microsoft Windows and any other related OEM software that may also be included if you have installed Linux, a BSD, BeOS, OS/2, Solaris, Novell NetWare or another computer operating system on a laptop, notebook or PDA, which came preloaded with Microsoft-Windows*. See the Windows Refund.org and MS-Free-PC . There are even laptop manufacturers and resellers which offer machines without any pre-installed operating system.

To make your claim you may use the Microsoft-Windows Removal Certificate available as PDF and OpenOffice SXW file.

Success Stories

What to do with the Microsoft-Label or the Microsoft-Sticker?

Are you eager to remove the Microsoft label? Here are some instructions how to remove the Microsoft label.

Laptops Without MicroSoft-Tax

These manufacturers offer laptops and notebooks without pre-installed MicroSoft operating system (note: these options are not available for all countries):

FSFE Repository

Windows-Tax Refund: A knowledge and experience repository on how to reclaim your "Windows Tax".

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