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Internal Modems in Laptops and Notebooks with Linux (Compatibility Status)

Laptop Survey

The Linux status of the laptop models reported below, is changing and improving. Therefore, if a laptop is reported as "unsupported" you should give it a try. Why is this survey valuable though: To encourage people which want to buy a "working" stated machine (remember: no guarantees) and to collect technical information (what chips are used) about different models.

To get your modem to work, here are some tips and tricks and a survey of drivers for laptop modems.

If you like to contribute your experiences with your internal modem and Linux (whether good or bad), I would gladly appreciate your help.

Werner Heuser <wehe_at_tuxmobil.org>

Survey (sorted alphabetically by manufacturers)

Model Linux Status Details
Extensa 390 unknown _at_istar.ca>.html">more
Extensa 50[0123][T/DX] works _at_yahoo.com.html">more
Extensa 710T works _at_iitb.fhg.de
<Alfredo Cozzino> alfcoz_at_globenet.it.html">more
Extensa 710TE works Giovanni.html">more
Extensa 711TE unknown more
Extensa 712TE doesn't work _at_iitb.fhg.de.html">more
Extensa 712TEV unknown more
TravelMate Series 720T, 721T, 722T, 723T, 737TLV unknown Peter Robinson
<Peter Robinson> ribbo_at_iinet.net.au.html">more
Travelmate 312P unknown more
Travelmate 720T unknown more
Travelmate 721T unknown more
510T unknown _at_cavazza.it.html">more
Travelmate series in general ambiguous _at_canada.com
see also an install script for TravelMate 730 from Markus Kohler.html">more
52xx series doesn't work _at_dominoid.net>.html">more
502T doesn't work Pete Harlow <pete_at_catnip.co.uk>.html">more
TravelMate 230 works _at_xtra.co.nz>.html">more
TravelMate Ferrari 3200 works _at_hotmail.com>.html">more
TravelMate Aspire 3023WLMi works more
Roadster 15 doesn't work _at_christophersmith.net>.html">more
L8400C doesn't work René Seindal <rene_at_seindal.dk>.html">more
L3800C works more
Powerbook G3 works N.N. [archived link]
<Bernhard Reiter> <bernhard_at_intevation.de>.html">more
iBook works N.N.
Armada M700/7700 works Linux-Magazin 01/2001.html">more
Armada 1500 C works _at_erols.com>.html">more
Armada 6500 unknown more
Armada 7500 unknown more
Armada SB (AR SB 5233/32/4.0/DMT) doesn't work _at_sis.rpslmc.edu.html">more
Presario 1020 unknown _at_pactec.org.html">more
Presario 1230 works _at_f-m.fm>.html">more
Presario 1238 works _at_dbitech.com.html">more
Presario 1240 doesn't work _at_mick01.globalnet.co.uk.html">more
Presario 1245 works _at_uskonet.com.html">more
Presario 1255 works _at_acadia.net.html">more
Presario 1275 works _at_enhanced.com.html">more
Presario 1260 works _at_nf.sympatico.ca.html">more
Presario 1275 doesn't work _at_er.uqam.ca.html">more
Presario 1560DM doesn't work _at_pagenet.com.html">more
Presario 1600S works _at_jongjungbu.com.html">more
Presario 1600S doesn't work _at_ix.netcom.com>.html">more
Presario 1625 works _at_yahoo.com>.html">more
Presario 1655 doesn't work _at_hedlin.com>.html">more
Presario 1688 works _at_bigfoot.com>.html">more
Presario 1694 works _at_cybershadow.net.html">more
Presario 1800 XL works _at_anyweb.at.html">more
Presario 1830 works _at_uol.com.br.html">more
Presario 1920 works _at_ldeo.columbia.edu.html">more
Presario 1925 works _at_canada.com> , Alan Robinson <alan_at_syzygy.vispa.com>.html">more
Presario 1600XL144 doesn't work _at_csr.unibo.it>.html">more
Armada V300 works _at_softhome.net>.html">more
Presario 1200-XL118 works _at_hotmail.com -->.html">more
12XL325 (aka 1200-XL325) works _at_jm4n.com>.html">more
Presario 2800 works more
Armada 1573DM (1500 family) works _at_linuxbr.com.br>.html">more
Presario 1688 works _at_web.de>.html">more
Armada E500 works _at_com-data.fo>.html">more
X1000 works _at_excite.com> Konstantin Khomoutov <khomoutov_at_despammed.com>.html">more
Armada 1700 model 6300/T/5000/D/M/1 works _at_earthlink.net>.html">more
2200 works _at_libero.it>.html">more
5600/5620 works _at_libero.it>.html">more
Inspiron 3800 doesn't work _at_princeton.edu.html">more
Inspiron 5000e ambiguous _at_fsisys.com.html">more
Latitude CPT 500 doesn't work _at_pacbell.net.html">more
Latitude 600 doesn't work Linux-Magazin 01/2001.html">more
Inspiron 4100e ambiguous more
Latitude C600 doesn't work _at_avid.com>.html">more
Inspiron 8100 ambiguous _at_yahoo.es>, Jason Straight <jason_at_blazeconnect.net>.html">more
Inspiron 8200 works _at_aixigo.de>.html">more
Highnote Ultra 2000 unknown _at_xmission.com.html">more
770TX doesn't work _at_angelfire.com.html">more
C-350 doesn't work _at_earthlink.net.html">more
Lifebook E6520 works _at_evitech.fi.html">more
Lifebook E6560 works Linux-Magazin 01/2001.html">more
Lifebook C6325 doesn't work _at_averroes.cec.junta-andalucia.es.html">more
Lifebook C works _at_engelenict.com.html">more
Lifebook 735Dx works _at_ureach.com.html">more
Lifebook B142 works _at_cs.tcd.ie
Stefan Weber.html">more
Lifebook S-4572 doesn't work Linux on the Fujitsu-Siemens S-4572.html">more
Lifebook C-6572 doesn't work Paul Sheer <psheer_at_icon.co.za>.html">more
Lifebook C works _at_vcj.sch.je.html">more
LifeBook 6010S works George H. Fisher.html">more
Lifebook C1020 works _at_copeca.dsnet.it>.html">more
3100 works Stefan Mueller-Stach
<Stefan Mueller-Stach> sms_at_hodge.mathematik.uni-essen.de.html">more
450X works _at_attglobal.net>.html">more
WebBoy works more
XE3 doesn't work CT 5/2002 p. 202.html">more
OmniBook 6000 doesn't work Linux On HP OmniBook 6000.html">more
Omnibook XE3 doesn't work Linux-Magazin 01/2001.html">more
OmniBook XT100S doesn't work _at_free.fr> .html">more
VisionBook Pro 7560 works Linux On Hitachi.html">more
VisionBook Pro 7590 works _at_stanford.edu>
Toshihide Shimayama [archived link].html">more
Thinkpad 390E ambiguous Allin Cottrell
Allin Cottrell> cottrell_at_ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu
thanks for the link to Adam Spiers
<Adam Spiers> adam_at_thelonious.new.ox.ac.uk.html">more
Thinkpad 390X works _at_dontblink.com>.html">more
Thinkpad 560Z unknown more
Thinkpad 570 (26441AJ) in Japan works Mitsukuni KEY KIKAWADA
<Mitsukuni "KEY" KIKAWADA> key_at_unixmagic.org.html">more
Thinkpad 600 works _at_mail.com> hm_at_suse.de.html">more
Thinkpad 600E works more
Thinkpad 770X ambiguous _at_suse.de.html">more
Thinkpad i1200 doesn't work Linux-Magazin 01/2001.html">more
Thinkpad i1410 doesn't work more
Thinkpad i1427 works _at_bigfoot.com>.html">more
Thinkpad A21P doesn't work more
Thinkpad T23 works more
Artist Stanford works _at_vordruckleitverlag.de>.html">more
Versa 6030X works _at_satx.net
<John Keimel> john_at_mint.net.html">more
CF-47 ambiguous more
Let's Note M1V works Kenshi Muto
<Kenshi Muto> kmuto_at_debian.org.html">more
VAIO 505 works _at_vitelus.com.html">more
VAIO PCG-505RX doesn't work _at_mindspring.com> .html">more
VAIO PCG-Z505R doesn't work _at_iii.ca.html">more
VAIO PCG-Z505JE works _at_larve.net>.html">more
VAIO PCG-Z600TEK works Linux-Magazin 01/2001.html">more
VAIO PCG-808 works Chris McDonough.html">more
VAIO PCG-818 works _at_cs.cmu.edu.html">more
VAIO PCG-838 works Seth Golub
<Seth Golub> seth_at_thehouse.org.html">more
VAIO PCG-885 works Rainer Spurzem
<Rainer Spurzem> spurzem_at_ari.uni-heidelberg.de.html">more
VAIO F-160 doesn't work _at_ifd.mavt.ethz.ch>.html">more
VAIO SR1K (and presumably the SR5K and SR7K which are basically the same machine) doesn't work _at_ftel.co.uk.html">more
VAIO PCG QR10 works _at_gmx.ch>.html">more
VAIO PCG-FXA48 works _at_yahoo.com>.html">more
AR 10 doesn't work more
VAIO-PCG-F390 works _at_eee-fs4.bham.ac.uk>.html">more
Portege 3020 works _at_catapult.com.html">more
Portege 300CT doesn't work _at_multimania.com.html">more
Portege 320CT ambiguous _at_multimania.com.html">more
DynaBookSS PORTEGE 3000CT ambiguous Toshiba Linux Support.html">more
DynaBookSS PORTEGE 3010CT ambiguous Toshiba Linux Support.html">more
DynaBookSS PORTEGE 3020CT ambiguous Toshiba Linux Support.html">more
DynaBookSS PORTEGE 3300CT unknown Toshiba Linux Support.html">more
DynaBookSS PORTEGE 3380CT works _at_saul.cis.upenn.edu.html">more
DynaBookSS PORTEGE 60000CT unknown Toshiba Linux Support.html">more
DynaBookSS PORTEGE 7020X unknown Toshiba Linux Support.html">more
Portege 3110CT works _at_cl.cam.ac.uk.html">more
Satellite 4100 XDVD works _at_bams.com.html">more
Satellite 4060 unknown more
Satellite 480CDT works _at_sprynet.com.html">more
Satellite 4080CDT doesn't work _at_sprynet.com.html">more
4030 CDT doesn't work _at_free.fr
<Matt Gumbley> mgumbley_at_enigmadata.co.uk.html">more
4030 CDS doesn't work _at_free.fr.html">more
Satellite Pro 4200 works _at_netzero.pt.html">more
Satellite Pro works Linux-Magazin 01/2001.html">more
Satellite 2520 doesn't work Humpback
Juergen Leising [archived link]
Juergen Leising <a0037_at_stud.uni-bayreuth.de>.html">more
Satellite 2520 works _at_uni-wuppertal.de.html">more
Satellite 2502CDS unknown p2kamins.html">more
2540CDS ambiguous _at_euskalnet.net
Satellite 460CDT unknown _at_student.qut.edu.au.html">more
Satellite 2595XDVD works _at_pdai.com <Lee> -->Trent Reznor lektronx_at_svun.org.html">more
Satellite 2595 works _at_web.com.html">more
Satellite 2140XCDS unknown _at_csh.rit.edu.html">more
Satellite 2180CDT works _at_csh.rit.edu.html">more
650CT works Zane AE
<Zane AE> zane_at_ugcs.caltech.edu.html">more
Tecra 8100 works _at_lmn.net.html">more
Tecra 750DVD works _at_MI.Uni-Koeln.DE>.html">more
Tecra 8000 works _at_staffnet.com>.html">more
Satellite Pro 4600 doesn't work more
Satellite Pro 445CDT works _at_culturall.com>.html">more
Satellite M30-801 works _at_interfree.it> .html">more
Satellite A105-S4004 partially works _at_infinity-ltd.com>.html">more
Slimnote 9 doesn't work _at_innocent.com.html">more
EFIO 9000 Series unknown more
Terra Aura A74LD doesn't work Linux-Magazin 01/2001.html">more

PDAs, Cell Phones, PCMCIA Cards

The Freestyle Executive Monster PDA made by Digital has an in-built modem, its Linux status is unknown. For IrDA connections to cell phones see Linux and InfraRed Devices. The 3CCFEM656B PCMCIA card by 3COM doesn't work. "The modem on the 3CCFEM656B is a Winmodem. The ethernet will work under Linux, but not the modem." Dave Hinds in comp.os.linux.portable. For PCMCIA modems see my PCMCIA card survey (by types) and the Xmodem.org survey.

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