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laptop model:
Satellite A105-S4004
Linux compatibility status:
partially works
modem speed:
Intel High Definition Audio Controller
To use the modem, you need to use slmodemd (from SmartLink) compiled with the alsa option. If you start the daemon using slmodem --alsa hw:0,6 --country USA for the US, it will create /dev/ttySL0 and this works. There are a few things missing - you can not set the port with setserial, and it looks like some/all of the serial control lines are missing. At least minicom could not detect a carrier, or hang up the modem using the DTR line. But it will dial and connect, and you can communicate over it. You can also hang up the modem using one of the ALSA mixers. I have not figured out the proper mixer setting in ALSA to be able to hear the modem. I suspect that if I set it up correctly, I will be able to use it as a speaker phone as well.
Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel_at_infinity-ltd.com>
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