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Linux Laptop and NoteBook: Internal Modem Compatibility Database: COMPAQ X1000

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"I have a Centrino laptop (Compaq X1000 model). This has the same modem chipset as the IBM ThinkPad T40 laptop model and similar: Agere AC'97 (8086:24c6 version). I have located a suitable Linux driver from IBM. This page has another link under modem section, click 'linux' link. Following the instructions eventually takes you to an Agere page where a suitable Agere SoftModem RPM can be downloaded." [DM] I've spent a lot of time looking for a Linux driver for "Agere AC'97 SoftModem" (found in Presario X1000), vendor ID 0x8086, Device ID 0x24C6. The link ... submitted by Dean Martin is no longer valid (seems like Agere discontinued Linux support for that kind of modems). This page actually references to the site of SmartLink company that offers supported Linux drivers for Agere AMR modems. This is a direct link to the driver. [KK]
Dean Martin <deano_ferrari_at_excite.com> Konstantin Khomoutov <khomoutov_at_despammed.com>
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