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Linux Laptop and NoteBook: Internal Modem Compatibility Database: Gateway 450X

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"Information from scanModem, /proc/pci, and lspci identified the modem as "Intel 82801CA/CAM AC'97 modem, unknown device 2486 rev 02 (8086:2486 ICH 3 + p c), Subsystem Askey Computer Corp, unknown device 1050 (controller 144f:1050). The ac97 codec is given by AD1881, and the modem codec reported as Si3036. I installed the unsupported SmartLink driver v 2.7.8 using install-amr (HAMR5600 modem). The slmodem driver complains about the installed modem codec not being supported and/or /var/lib/slmdm.data not being present, but seems to work OK for terminal dial-up, ppp, and fax class 1. ATI commands revealed the modem designation to be "SmartLink 56K Voice Modem", some default of 56000 baud, the modem serial number (98638029) and a "protocol factor" of 6c3df41."
GTW V.92 VoiceModem
David J. Looney <dlooney_at_attglobal.net>
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