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laptop model:
Satellite 2180CDT
Linux compatibility status:
modem speed:
"RedHat 6.2b actually comes with the binary driver from Lucent which works just fine.", see also Toshiba Linux Support(http://linux.toshiba-dme.co.jp/linux/index.htm) and also Toshiba Internal Modem Instructions(http://www.tony-curtis.cwc.net/toshiba/) by Tony Curtis <tony_curtis32_at_yahoo.com>
Lucent WinModem Chip Version 1 (Mars), vendor id=111c1, device id=441. "Some people have had problems with V.90 support, mine seems ok. Setting S38=5-V90=0 in the init string will fix that."
<Brian J. Geisel> geisel_at_csh.rit.edu
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