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laptop model:
Presario 1625
Linux compatibility status:
modem speed:
56k V.90
displays a kernel version conflict but works on Linux-Mandrake with linux568.zip from linmodems.org after the following changes: Copied the files from .zip to / directory. Edited the ltinst file to add .o to each occurance of ltmodem, removed the echo line at the end and replaced with setserial /dev/ttyS14 irq 3 port 0x2f8 uart 16550A. Added the line ./ltinst at the end of /etc/rc.d/rc.local to initialize at each boot so it would work.
56K-DF LT v.90 FCC ID CNTTAI-24639-TT-E
Robert Ohrenberg <r_ohrenberg_at_yahoo.com>
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