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Linux Tools

A (not yet complete) list of Open Source tools, which helped to create this web site:


Please feel free to view this page with any browser(http://www.anybrowser.org/campaign/) you like. At least I made this page free of frames(http://www.pemberley.com/janeinfo/htnimglt.html). Also it's free of Java elements, aside from some JavaScript. Some optimizations for resolutions of 800x600 and greater and for Lynx(http://lynx.browser.org/) have been made.

If you encounter problems with the OPERA(http://www.opera.com) browser, please try another browser, e.g. Galeon(http://galeon.sourceforge.net) . I'm sorry to say that but these pages are checked by different tools as valid HTML, but don't seem to work with OPERA(http://www.opera.com) in some cases.



With a little help from:


TuxMobil is hosted by Hetzner AG(http://hetzner.de/) .

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