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Tools used for Layout, Validation, Linkchecking, ..


  • HTML syntax checked with tidy and weblint.
  • Links checked with linkchecker.
  • Miscellaneous checks with Checky.

Linux Tools

A (not yet complete) list of Open Source tools, which helped to create this web site:


Please feel free to view this page with any browser you like. At least I made this page free of frames. Also it's free of Java elements, aside from some JavaScript. Some optimizations for resolutions of 800x600 and greater and for Lynx have been made.

If you encounter problems with the OPERA browser, please try another browser, e.g. Galeon . I'm sorry to say that but these pages are checked by different tools as valid HTML, but don't seem to work with OPERA in some cases.


  • Indexed by Freefind.

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With a little help from:


TuxMobil is hosted by Hetzner AG .

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