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Solaris, OpenSolaris, Illumos & NexentaOS with Mobile Computers (Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs)

Do you want to use Solaris Unix together with your laptop, notebook, PDA or mobile cell phone? Here are links to installation or connectivity reports. You are welcome to submit your own report, too.

ACER Aspire 2920  NEW  OpenSolaris 2008.05German
ACER Aspire 9420  NEW  OpenSolaris, Solaris Express 10 Developer Ed 
ACER Ferrari 4000  NEW  OpenSolaris 
ACER Ferrari 4000  NEW  Solaris Express 
ACER Ferrari 4005  NEW  Solaris 10 
ACER Ferrari 4005  NEW  Solaris Express 
ACER TravelMate 661LCi RedHat 9.0, Fedora Core 6, OpenBSD 3.6, Solaris 10 
Apple Macbook  NEW  OpenSolaris 
Apple Macbook  NEW  Solaris 
Apple Macbook Pro  NEW  OpenSolaris Build 76 
Apple Macbook Pro 15''  NEW  Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07 
COMPAQ Armada E500  NEW  Solaris 8 
DELL Inspiron 4000 Linux, Solaris 7-8, OpenBSD 2.7-3.3, FreeBSD 4.1-5.1 
DELL Inspiron 4100  [archived link] Solaris 8 
DELL Inspiron 6000 [Video] Belenix Spanish
DELL Latitude C800  [archived link] Mandriva (Mandrake) 7.2, Solaris 8 
DELL Latitude D600 OpenSolaris 
DELL Latitude D620 Solaris 10 
DELL Latitude D830 Solaris 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo EL Solaris 9 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M-7400  NEW  Solaris 10 
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Si-1520  NEW  OpenSolarisGerman
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Si-1520  NEW  OpenSolaris 2008.11Greek
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook 2100  NEW  SolarisGerman
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook B112  NEW  Solaris 10 
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S-7110  NEW  OpenSolaris 2008.11German
Gateway MX6453  NEW  Solaris 10 U3 
HP/COMPAQ NX5000 Solaris 
HP/COMPAQ NX9000  NEW  Solaris 9Japanese
HP Pavilion DV 6700  NEW  OpenSolaris 2008.11 
IBM ThinkPad A20m  NEW  SolarisJapanese
IBM ThinkPad i1800  [archived link]  NEW  Solaris 8Japanese
IBM ThinkPad i Series S30  NEW  Solaris 8Japanese
IBM ThinkPad T21  NEW  Solaris 8Japanese
IBM ThinkPad T30  [archived link] Solaris 8, Linux 
IBM ThinkPad T42p  NEW  OpenSolaris 
IBM ThinkPad T43  NEW  Solaris 10, 11 (OpenSolaris), Fedora Core 4 
IBM ThinkPad T61  NEW  Fedora, Knoppix, Solaris 
IBM ThinkPad T61  NEW  Solaris 11, OpenSolaris 
IBM ThinkPad T61 6460-8SG (Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M)  NEW   [PRINT]OpenSolaris 2008.05, Ubuntu 8.04, Fedora 9German
IBM ThinkPad R32  [archived link]  NEW  Solaris 9Japanese
IBM ThinkPad R40 RedHat 9.0, Fedora Core 2, Solaris 9 
IBM ThinkPad R60  NEW  OpenSolaris 
IBM ThinkPad X21  [archived link]  NEW  Solaris 8Japanese
LG E500  NEW  OpenSolaris 2009.6 
NatureTech Meso Station 999 Solaris 9, 10German
NEC LaVie NX (LW23D53D)  [archived link]  NEW  Solaris 8Japanese
RoverBook Pro 500  NEW  Linux, Solaris 10 11/06Russian
SHARP Mebius Note PJ Solaris 2.6Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-505  NEW  Solaris 8Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-FX340K  NEW  OpenSolaris 11 
Sony VAIO PCG-NVR23  [archived link] Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris 10 
Sony VAIO PCG-SRX3E  [archived link] Solaris 9 x86Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-XR1G  [archived link]  NEW  Solaris 8Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-Z1R/P  NEW  Solaris 9Japanese
Sony VAIO PCG-Z505C/BP Solaris 9, FreeBSD 4.7Japanese
Sony VAIO VGN-S460P  NEW  Solaris Nevada Build 38, MAC OSx86, Linux 
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ4XWN/C  NEW  Solaris Express x86 
Sony VAIO VGN-SZ72B/B  NEW  Solaris 
Sony VAIO VGN-T350P  NEW  OpenSolaris 
Sun Ultra 3  NEW  Solaris 10 
Sun Ultra 3  NEW  Solaris 
TadPole SparcBook 3GS  [archived link] Solaris 7 
TadPole SparcBook 3 Solaris 7 
TadPole SparcBook 3  [archived link] Solaris 7 
Toshiba DynaBook SS 3430  NEW  Solaris 8Japanese
Toshiba Satellite 2060CDS Solaris 8 
Toshiba Satellite 4080XCDT Solaris 8 
Toshiba Satellite A30-YS5  [archived link] Linux, NetBSD, Solaris 10 
Toshiba Satellite A75  NEW  Nexenta Alpha 5 
Toshiba Satellite A100  NEW   [PRINT]OpenSolaris 2008.05, Ubuntu 8.04, Fedora 9German
Toshiba Satellite Pro A200  NEW  Solaris Express 
Toshiba Tecra 550CDT Solaris 
Toshiba Tecra 9100  NEW   Belenix  
Toshiba Tecra M2 Solaris 10 
Toshiba Tecra M2  NEW  OpenSolaris 
Toshiba Tecra M5  NEW  Solaris Express snv_52 
Toshiba Tecra S1 Solaris 9, 10 

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Manufacturers of Solaris Laptops and Notebooks

Mobile Solaris

Solaris x86

Linux on SPARC


UltraLinux is the name given to the port of Linux the SPARC(TM) family of processors most commonly found in Sun(TM) workstations and clones. The port has been developed over the past few years and is currently very stable. It supports most workstations including the older 32bit SPARC processors and the newer 64bit UltraSPARC based workstations.

Aurora SPARC Linux Project

The Aurora SPARC Linux Project offers a Linux port for SPARC devices.


The Solarpack project is a repository of 1400+ pre-compiled packages of free software for Solaris systems and a distribution of the NetBSD package collection tools (NPCT) for Solaris. The goal is to make Free & Open Source Software on Solaris just as easily available as it could be on BSD or Linux distributions.


Frkit is a tool that enables one to easily download modules and manage them. The list of modules is maintained as a manifest. When this tool is run, it downloads new modules (if available) including newer versions of modules previously installed based on this manifest. The user is presented with a list modules to choose from. Frkit can also be used to checkpoint a set of installed modules or ignore a set of modules. The command must be run as root. The current manifest contains:

  • acpidrv
  • gnome battery applet
  • powernown
  • gnome emi-freq applet



The SunDrive is an all-in-one device about the size of a magic-marker pen, allows users to copy or exchange any computer files and MP3 files between our UltraSPARC-based laptops and Sun workstations running Solaris 8 or 9 plus any Intel-based system running Linux, Windows XP, 2000 or Me and Macintosh systems with USB support. This device is also a high fidelity MP3 player including dual earphones.

Multi-Media Flash Reader/Writer

The Solaris 8 supported USB portable multimedia flash card reader/writer reads and writes to seven different popular digital media: CF-I, CF-II, Smart Media(TM), Memory Stick(TM), Micro Drive(TM), Multimedia Card(TM) and Secure Digital Card(TM).


APM information and Suspend/Resume script .

Drivers: PCMCIA, NIC, ..


See Xi-Graphics for commercial X-Servers, which support Solaris.


Other Linux and Unix Distributions

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