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RiscOS on Mobile Computers (Laptops, Notebooks)

Do you want to use a RiscOS together with your laptop, notebook, PDA or mobile cell phone? Here are links to installation or connectivity reports. You are welcome to submit your own report, too.

Acorn A4 [archived link]RiscOS 

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Acorn26 NetBSD

NetBSD/Acorn26 is the port of NetBSD to ARMv2 and ARMv2a machines, primarily the Acorn Archimedes, A-series and R-series systems. These systems pre-date those supported by NetBSD/arm32 and use an earlier, incompatible version of the ARM architecture.

ARM26 Linux (suitable for Acorn A4)

The official home of Linux for Archimedes/A30x0/A4000/A5000 [archived link]

Other Linux and Unix Distributions

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